Are Antelope plugins any good?

The supplied plugins sound very good indeed as do the preamps and analogue converters, which are supported by the 64 bit ‘Acoustically Focussed Clocking’ found on the higher-end Antelope products.

How do I register Antelope Audio Interface?

Open your internet browser and navigate to Log-in to your Antelope Audio user account with your e-mail and password. If you don’t have an account, visit to create one – don’t forget to confirm your registration via the e-mail you have received.

Could not allocate AFX slots Did you assigned afx2daw feature?

What does “Could not allocate afx2daw slots” message mean? If you see this message when you open afx2daw bridge in your Daw, this may indicate on of the following events: Your device does not have extra resources for additional afx2daw instances, when you have maxed out the plugin instances available (see table below)

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Are auto world and AFX slot cars compatible?

Slot Cars are 100% Compatible with Tomy and AFX Sets.

Will Auto World slot cars work on AFX track?

Auto World’s Traxessories line offers a variety of track pieces, allowing enthusiasts to expand the size and shape of their Auto World slot car track layouts. Create your own unique track configuration with these all-new offerings. All Traxessories are compatible with Tomy/AFX race tracks.

What is the best size for slot cars?

The three most popular slot cars scales are: 1/64, 1/32, and 1/24.
  • 1/64 scale slot cars: 1/64 scale slot cars, also known as HO slot cars, are the smallest size, which makes them a great companion for model trains.
  • 1/32 scale slot cars: 1/32 scale slot cars are the most common.

Who makes the best HO slot car track?

The premier HO slot car brand is AFX, which offers the best mass produced track system and cars. AFX has the widest selection of track pieces to make a track layout up to 8 lanes wide. It’s easy to get started, just pick the AFX race set that best fits your budget and then expand to your heart’s content.

Is there any skill to slot cars?

While slot cars are confined to a track and their direction is not controllable, they do require a certain degree of driving skills, which largely comes down to using your instinct and getting a good feel of the track.

Do all slot cars work on all tracks?

In general, analogue cars from any manufacturer can be used on any track system. So, for instance, a Scalextric car can be used on a Carrera, Ninco, or SCX track, and vice versa. In fact there are many manufacturers of slot cars, and most of them should work reasonably well on all of the main track systems.

Are Tyco and AFX slot cars compatible?

Simple answer –yes. You can get adapters (they were made by Lifelike) but they’re pretty hard to find. Ttyco and Tomy AFX track is the same width, as is the distance of the rails from the slots – but Tyco has slightly wider lane spacing.

Will ninco cars work on Scalextric track?

– Compatibility. Ninco track can be linked to Scalextric & SCX track by using the Ninco track adaptor. – The main disadvantage with choosing Ninco is that the range of track accessories is not a wide, as that of Scalextric or SCX and that availability has sometimes proved inconsistent.

Can analog slot cars run on digital track?

Analog cars will run on a digital set with a few button presses on the power base. Lane-changing will be disabled, obviously, but it’s nice to know that your old cars won’t be obsolete if you upgrade. You can do the opposite, too: a digital car will work on an analog set, should the need arise.

What does DTM mean in slot cars?

The Deutsche Tourenwagen Masters (DTM, German Touring Car Masters) is a grand touring car series sanctioned by ITR e.V. who have been affiliated to the DMSB-FIA since 1984. The series is based in Germany, with rounds elsewhere in Europe.

How deep is the slot on a slot car track?

Slot Depth 8mm minimum depth is required by British (BSCRA) rules, 9mm depth is required by International (ISRA) rules, so I’d recommend 9mm depth.

How do you make a slot car go faster?

How to Make a Slot Car Motor Faster
  1. Step 1: Pop the motor out. Remove the shell of the car.
  2. Step 2: Check the initial speed. Attach the power source of the slot car to the motor analyzer and check its speed.
  3. Step 3: Submerge in water.
  4. Step 4: Change voltage.
  5. Step 5: Run the speed.

Does timing matter on slot machines?

On average, changing your timing and rhythm will yield the same payback percentage as keeping a steady betting pattern. There’s no way to take advantage of knowing changing timing will change results.

Is it better to stop a slot machine or let it spin?

Is There Any Reason to Stop the Reels? There’s no reason that would impact the outcome of your game. In fact, by not stopping the reels and letting a spin (or free games, or whatever animation is going on) do its thing, you’re avoiding hitting the bet button as quickly, so you’re putting less money at risk.

Can you improve your odds at slot machines?

There are no real shortcuts or tricks that can help improve your odds. Some slots may have a higher payback percentage, but these machines don’t change your actual odds of winning. Beyond that, though, improving your odds at the slots is just a myth.

How can you tell if a slot machine is going to hit?

You cannot tell when a modern slot machine will hit because the outcome of each spin is random. No matter how many times a machine has spun, and no matter what the outcomes of those spins were, the probability of the next result remains the same.

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