Are REL subwoofers good?

The REL 212/SX SUBWOOFERS have increased the overall performance level of my system(s) more than any other piece of equipment or acoustical room treatment I have ever made. Highly recommended!

How do you run a REL subwoofer?

We use cut #4 from the soundtrack to Sneakers, the movie. Once the system is up and running with your break-in cut, run it at moderate volume for around 15 minutes or so. This allows everything in the amplifier and driver time to adjust and begin warming up. This is an often-overlooked phase of break-in.

How do you wire a rel?

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Should I leave my REL subwoofer on all the time?

Yes you can leave your subwoofer on all the time as long as it has an auto standby feature. Subwoofers in standby last longer & use less power. Older subwoofers that don’t have this function should be turned off when not in use as electricity escapes in the form of heat, causing the amplifier to get hotter than normal.

Where do I run my REM wire?

Some of the more common options for connecting the remote turn on wire when using a factory head unit are to the wire connected to a power antenna (older vehicles which do not turn off the antenna when not using the radio) or to the vehicle’s fuse box.

How do you set up a REL crossover?

Does the live wire go to L1 or L2?

The L1 is the switched live going out to the light. They will be marked so you can tell which is which. A two way switch (for switching a light from two different locations like in a hallway) has a common (C) a L1 and an L2 terminal. L1 is off when L2 is on and vice versa depending on the switch position.

How do you set up a pair of REL subwoofers?

If connecting 2 RELs, connect the black wire of each REL to a negative speaker terminal of the corresponding channel; twist together the red and yellow wires of each REL separately and connect each pair to the positive speaker terminal of the corresponding amplifier channel.

Does the black wire go to L1 or L2?

US AC power circuit wiring color codes
FunctionlabelColor, common
Line, single phaseLblack or red (2nd hot)
Line, 3-phaseL1black
Line, 3-phaseL2red
Line, 3-phaseL3blue

Is L1 live or neutral?

The faceplate of a single, one-way switch has two terminals: “L1” is the terminal to which the neutral core wire is attached – the blue wire (traditionally black, before the change). “COM” or “Common” is the terminal to which the live core wire is attached – this is the brown wire (formerly red).

Is L2 live or neutral?

L1 is live and L2 is neutral.

Can you wire L1 and L2 together?

Two way switch

In the other position, COM and L2 are connected. Note that L1 and L2 are never connected together. Again, some makes of switch may have alternative markings such as L1 L2 and L3. This type of switch is used where two switches control one light, such as at the top and bottom of a stairway.

Is L2 neutral in single phase?

4. Single-phase 240-volt loads have no neutral current. 5. All single-phase 120-volt loads between supply lines (L1, L2, L3) and neutral have neutral currents.

What does T1 T2 T3 mean in electrical?

T1, T2 and T3 are conductor temperatures (o C).

Can you put 2 wires into the same breaker?

When it’s NOT a defect: Double tapped wiring is ok if the circuit breaker is designed for two conductors. If a circuit breaker is designed for two conductors, it will say so right on the circuit breaker, and the terminal of the circuit breaker will be designed to hold two conductors in place.

What happens if you have too many outlets on one breaker?

Avoid Overloading

An electrical overload occurs when electric devices draw more power than anyone circuit is able to handle safely. As a general rule, if this ends up happening, your amp circuit breaker will trip and power will be shut off to the device immediately.

Is Double tapping a circuit breaker acceptable?

Double tapped breakers are an unsafe condition in which multiple conductors are placed under the set screw of a single breaker. When multiple wires are connected to a breaker, you greatly increase the risk of a loose connection, which can lead to overheating, arcing, and electrical fires.

Why would someone double tap a breaker?

A double tap occurs when two wires are connected to a single circuit breaker that is only engineered to accept one wire (see photo below). This is a defect because two wires in a single breaker may not be properly tightened to the breaker and loose wires have the potential to cause overheating and arcing.

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