Are the NCE and CPCE similar?

How does the CPCE differ from the NCE? Unlike the NCE, that contains 200 questions, the CPCE has just 160 questions. Moreover, on the NCE, the number of questions in any given exam area will vary. For example, there are more questions on the helping relationship than there are on human growth and development.

What is on the CPCE exam?

The exam covers eight CACREP common-core areas to ensure students grasp the basics of group counseling, assessment and testing, research, career development and more. If you’re preparing to take the CPCE exam, a variety of test preparation resources are available to enhance your study process.

What percentage of people pass the CPCE?

There is no universal criteria for passing the exam, as the minimum requirement is set independently by each university. In general, the minimum will likely be somewhere between 62% and 65% correct (so 85 to 89 out of 136).

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What is a passing CPCE score?

CPCE Passing Scores

Individual colleges and universities are free to designate a passing CPCE score for their students. Examples of score expectations include a score of 70 at one university and a score of 90 at another university.

What are the 8 sections on the CPCE?

The CPCE is made up of 8 sections totaling 160 questions. The sections are as follows: Human Growth and Development, Social and Cultural Foundations, Helping Relationships, Group Work, Career and Lifestyle Development, Appraisal, Research and Program Evaluation, and Professional Orientation and Ethics.

How do I prepare for the CPCE exam?

Prepare for the CPCE with short, fun video lessons, flash cards, and practice tests on every subject. offers CPCE practice tests to identify your areas of strength and weakness

  1. Study the common-core areas.
  2. Get familiar with the exam’s format.
  3. Learn your strengths.
  4. Enjoy lots of practice.

How long should you study for the CPCE exam?

CPCE Study Resources

Students can also use a study guide for the National Counselor Exam (NCE) to study for the CPCE. It is recommended that students begin reviewing their course materials and studying for the exam at least two months before they plan to take the exam.

How many questions is the CPCE exam?

The CPCE exam is a 160 question, multiple choose answer, with 4 hours allowed for completion.

What happens if you fail the CPCE 3 times?


A subsequent failure will postpone graduation. Students who fail the exam three (3) times should consult with their advisor to discuss a remedial plan in order to graduate. The CPCE national norms are used to determine the minimum passing score.

What happens if you dont pass CPCE exam?

A student will initially be given two opportunities to pass the CPCE. If the student fails to receive a passing total score on their first attempt, they must retake the exam a second time.

How many people pass NCE first time?

While the pass rate for first-time takers is 84.8%, the test can become very overwhelming without proper preparation and knowledge of how the test is administered. Additionally, you are only allowed to test a total of three times in a two-year period before your application closes.

What is a passing score on the NCE 2022?

What is a passing score on NCE exam? There are 200 questions on the NCE exam. The cutoff score to be considered as passing is in the high 90s.

What is the average NCE score?

As with many other scales related to the normal curve, the average NCE, by definition, is 50. If all students improve in their performance, the mean, or NCE 50, will represent a higher raw score. The standard deviation of NCE is set at 21.06.

What is the highest NCE score?

The maximum possible score on the NCE is 160, and NBCC determines the minimum passing score, which varies between versions, using a modified Angoff procedure.

What percentage of people fail the NCE?

You may fail the NCMHCE. In fact, statistically, failing is likely (40-45 percent of people do).

Is the NCE exam difficult?

NOTE: In recent years the fail rate for the first time administration of this exam is close to 60%. Yes, this is a hard test. If you end up needing another option, SC allows you to take the National Clinical Mental Health Counselor Exam (NCMHCE) instead.

How many times can you fail NCE?

We hold applications open for a two-year time period from the original exam date for which you applied or 3 unsuccessful attempts to pass the NCE, whichever comes first. Note: “not taking” the NCE does not count as one of your three attempts to pass. Only failing scores count as one of the three attempts.

What is the lowest score on the NCE?

These scores are represented on a scale from 1 to 99. 1 is the lowest score; 99 is the highest. When an NCE score is 50, the NP will also be 50 for the same test.

How many months should you study for the NCE?

Schedule your exam a few months out

Give yourself plenty of time to study for the exam and anticipate issues to arise. For example, scheduling your exam 3-4 months out will give you enough time to study while allowing you to encounter any unforeseen problems that may occur in your schedule.

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