Can you hook subs to a stock stereo?

So now you know – it’s definitely possible to install a subwoofer and amplifier to your factory system, and still have it sounding good.

How to install a line output converter to a stock radio?

How to Install a Line Output Converter
  1. Disconnect the negative battery terminal. Disconnect the negative battery terminal.
  2. Remove your factory head unit.
  3. Review your wiring diagrams.
  4. Strip Wires and Make the Proper Connections.
  5. Test your System and Tidy Up the Install.

Where do you connect the remote wire on a stock radio?


Some of the more common options for connecting the remote turn on wire when using a factory head unit are to the wire connected to a power antenna (older vehicles which do not turn off the antenna when not using the radio) or to the vehicle’s fuse box.

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What wire on your radio do you put the remote wire?

How do I find the ground wire on my radio?

What happens if you don’t ground a radio?

Not grounded or poorly connected circuits can cause an overflow of electric current. It can result in voltage surges and harm the electrical devices in your car. A properly grounded system helps stabilize the electric current to prevent any accidental situation.

What do I do if there is no ground wire?

There are two solutions if your home does not have ground wires and you want to protect you and your equipment. The first option is to run a ground wire to the outlet that your equipment is plugged into. This is espcially important for things such as computers, TVs, ect. The second option is to add GFCI protection.

Which wire is the 12v constant in car radio?

Basic Wiring:

Yellow wire 12 volts constant. Red wire 12 volts ignition/accessory. Black wire ground.

What color is a radio remote wire?

Wiring Harness Color Standards
Wire ColorWire Function
RedSwitch / Accessory
BlueAntenna Remote
Blue with White StripeAmplifier Remote Turn-on

Can I connect remote wire to battery?

It will drain your battery when your car is off. So don’t do it.

Where does the 12V accessory wire go to on a radio harness?

Main power: Connect the radio’s +12V battery wire (usually the yellow wire) to the (+) power supply output. Turning the radio on: You can do this by hardwiring the radio’s accessory wire (usually red) to the +12V battery wire or you can use a switch in between.

Which wire is the 12V constant in car radio?

Basic Wiring:

Yellow wire 12 volts constant. Red wire 12 volts ignition/accessory. Black wire ground.

How do you wire a car stereo directly to a battery?

Crimp the bare end of the black wire onto an alligator clip. Connect the radio to the battery by first clipping the alligator clip with the positive wires onto the battery’s positive terminal, then clipping on the negative wire to the negative terminal. Turn on your car stereo to operate it.

What does accessory wire go to?

Basically it tells the amp the stereo is on and it should turn on too. The accessory wire is what triggers the stereo to turn on when your ignition key is in the “accessory” position.

Does accessory position drain your battery?

Turning the key to the “accessory” position doesn’t actually draw any electricity from the battery. It simply allows you to draw a limited amount of electricity to run certain accessories, like the radio, the power windows and the interior lights.

Does accessory drain the battery?

The 12-volt outlet is powered by the car battery, even when the ignition is off. If an accessory remains plugged in with the engine off, it continues to draw current from the battery, gradually depleting its ability to start your car.

Where do you connect the yellow wire on a car stereo?

What does yellow wire go to?

While wires in these colors carry power, they are not used in typical outlet wiring. Instead, blue and yellow wires are used as the live wires pulled through a conduit. For example, you might see yellow wires as switch legs to ceiling fans, structural lights, and outlets paired with light switches.

Is yellow wire for audio?

They are often color-coded, yellow for composite video, red for the right audio channel, and white or black for the left channel of stereo audio.

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