Does the slight edge have an audiobook?

Summary and Analysis of The Slight Edge: Turning Simple Disciplines into Massive Success and Happiness by Jeff Olson by Summary Station – Audiobook –

How many pages are in the slight edge?

280 pages

Who is the author of the book The Slight Edge?

Jeff Olson/Books

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What age are Christopher edge books for?

For children aged 7+, this fun and inspiring book gives you hints and tips about how to write different types of stories from adventures and mysteries to comic book scripts and mash-ups too.

What is it called when the edges of a book are colored?

Edge painting

Each book has its own unique appearance, but the surest way to give it an out-of-the-ordinary look is to make its outer edges different from those of other books – either by colouring, by gilding, or with a pattern. To do this, the process of finishing your book must end with edge painting.

Why do old paperbacks have red edges?

Why are the edges of old books painted red? It’s a purely decorative process called edge painting, or fore-edge painting because it’s color painted on the fore-edge of the book. It’s common on religious texts, but that’s only because religious texts simply tend to be better made and better decorated.

Why do old books turn green?

Composite image showing color variation of emerald green bookcloth on book spines, likely a result of air pollution. In spring 2019, Dr.

What is the left-hand side of a book called?

The front or face of a single sheet of paper, or the right-hand page of an open book is called the recto. The back or underside of a single sheet of paper, or the left-hand page of an open book is known as the verso.

What are the blank pages at the end of a book called?

Blank pages at the end of a book

These are the result of signatures. When books are printed on an offset printer, many pages of the book are printed onto one large sheet of paper. This paper is then folded into sections called signatures, which usually consist of 16-24 pages of the book.

What are the last pages of a book called?

An epilogue is a short chapter that comes after the last chapter of a book as a way to tie the story together in a conclusion. Essentially, the epilogue is the answer to the question, “what happens to them next?” This serves as a more satisfying way to let readers know that characters live “happily ever after.”

What is the first page of a book called?

The title page is one of the first pages in any book. It signals the beginning of the front matter and shares the title, subtitle, author, and publisher. Of course, not all books these days have a publisher. And many books don’t have a subtitle.

What does * mean at the bottom of a page in a book?

Answer: It’s to denote a scene break, where the end of the scene comes at the bottom of a page. If the scene break was in the middle of a page you’d have a line break, but you need asterisks when it’s at the end of the page.

What is the writing on the back of a book called?

The description on the back cover of a book is called different things. Sometimes it’s called book jacket copy or back cover copy. It’s also known as a summary or blurb. That description—whatever it’s called—is a crucial element of your marketing strategy.

What are the notes at the end of a book called?

Notes. Also called endnotes, this is a list of notes, arranged by chapter, that further explain material in your book’s main text. Unlike footnotes, which appear at the bottom of the page where the reference is made, endnotes get their own section in the back matter.

What’s the beginning of a book called?

A preface, prologue, and foreword are all a part of a book’s front matter, the introductory pages of a book before the main text—often numbered with Roman numerals—that include the title page and table of contents.

What is it called when you put sticky notes in a book?

My definition of annotating books basically means that you take notes or add personal comments in your books. I know some people annotate for academic reasons, but I’m just annotating my books for fun!

What is it called when the title of a book is mentioned in the book?

In books and other works, the subtitle is an explanatory title added by the author to the title proper of a work.

What is it called when an author puts themselves in a book?

Self-insertion is a literary device in which the author writes themself into the story as a fictional character.

What is it called when you write a book under a false name?

What Is a Pseudonym? The definition of a pseudonym (or nom de plume in French) is a fake name used by a writer when writing and publishing their work in order to protect themselves or increase the chance of success.

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