How do I fix my Chevy MyLink?

How to Troubleshoot When Chevy MyLink Isn’t Working
  1. Make sure your phone’s software is up-to-date.
  2. Is your phone paired to another Bluetooth device?
  3. Make sure Bluetooth is enabled on your smartphone.
  4. Keep your smartphone as close as possible to Chevy MyLink.
  5. A low smartphone battery can interfere with proper pairing.

Why is my Chevy Silverado touch screen not working?

Why is my Chevy Silverado screen not working? The radio screen in a Chevy Silverado 1500 vehicle will go out for several reasons – most commonly a blown fuse or maybe if you hit something and knocked a wire loose. It can also be due to a problem with the display itself, or a problem with the circuit board.

What is Chevrolet MyLink touch?

The Chevrolet MyLink is a 7- or 8-inch touch screen located above your vehicle’s radio. This infotainment system offers communication, navigation, and entertainment features from your vehicle on a screen located on your center console.

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How do I update my Chevy touch screen?

You can do so in 6 easy steps!
  1. On the Chevrolet MyLink screen, find and press the phone button.
  2. Choose “Pair Device.”
  3. Choose “Chevy MyLink” from your phone’s Bluetooth® menu.
  4. A pin number will display on your phone.
  5. When prompted, hit the “Yes” button on the Chevy MyLink screen.
  6. You’re done!

Can Chevy MyLink be updated?

Get a Chevy MyLink Update in One Simple Step

When Chevy MyLink software updates are available, they automatically update when you turn your car on. If for some reason you suspect that your Chevrolet MyLink update isn’t happening, give our technicians a call at (248) 795-1841.

What can Chevy MyLink do?

Chevrolet MyLink apps make it easy to take advantage of hands-free voice controls to receive calls, text alerts, play music, or stream media. You can also get directions around Lakeland, check weather, make calls, and much more, all while keeping your hands on the wheel!

Can you watch Netflix on Chevy MyLink?

Setting up Chevy MyLink before Netflix

Aside from the ability to make calls and reply to messages, you will be able to navigate through the road with its 3D view navigation system. You can also watch Netflix on your Chevy MyLink by setting up your CarPlay to your vehicle.

How do I use my Chevy MyLink?

How to Use Chevrolet MyLink
  1. Select “Pair Device” after pressing the MyLink screen’s phone button.
  2. Go to your phone’s Bluetooth menu and choose “Chevy MyLink”.
  3. A pin will appear on your phone via a message and you will need to enter it when prompted by your in-car touchscreen.

Is Chevy MyLink the same as Apple CarPlay?

Yes. Apple CarPlay is compatible with Chevrolet MyLink, as is Android Auto, and it’s one of the reasons new Chevrolet models are so exceptional.

Can you mirror iPhone to Chevy MyLink?

CarPlay. A good way for an Intellilink / Mylink screen mirroring is by using the CarPlay feature. This helps you to use your iPhone’s apps safely, such as playing music and audiobooks. You can also anticipate traffic along the way and suggest another route as an alternative.

How do I install CarPlay in Chevy MyLink?

Connect Through Lightning® Cable

Unlock your phone. Consent pop-up will be shown to enable or disable Apple CarPlay. If Apple CarPlay does not automatically launch, touch the Apple CarPlay icon on your infotainment screen. When Apple CarPlay is active, the screen will show the iPhone apps that are accessible.

Can I play Netflix on CarPlay?

For safety reasons, it isn’t possible to play Netflix or other video apps on CarPlay. However, third-party alternatives, like BimmerTech’s SmartView HD Apple TV4, make it easy to stream content from Netflix onto your BMW’s iDrive screen.

How do I mirror my iPhone to CarPlay?

Connect wirelessly
  1. On a vehicle that supports wireless CarPlay, do one of the following (see your owner’s guide for detailed instructions): Press and hold the voice command button on your steering wheel.
  2. On your iPhone, go to Settings > General > CarPlay > Available Cars.
  3. Choose your vehicle.

How do I install Netflix on CarPlay?

Apple CarPlay supports a wide range of streaming platforms, including Amazon Music, Audible, Spotify, Radio apps, Podcasts, etc. But, it does not support Netflix or other video streaming platforms.

Can you watch TV on CarPlay?

How to play videos on CarPlay? Turn your cars display screen into a smart TV using The Magic Box. Simply plug the Magic Box into your car’s USB port and the regular CarPlay or Android Auto screen will be replaced with ours. Download any app and start streaming with The Magic Box.

Can I watch a movie on my car screen?

Exemptions to Video-in-Motion Laws

Most states allow video displays in a vehicle, so long as they are not visible, in any way, from the driver’s seat. Laws do allow displays for GPS-based navigation systems, vehicle status displays and camera displays.

How do I download apps to my Chevy MyLink?

Press the Shop icon on your Chevy MyLink display, and you’ll be taken to the Chevy MyLink App Store, where you can browse hundreds of apps. Select the apps you want and download them to your Chevy MyLink system, where you can use them anywhere you drive in Grand Forks and beyond.

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