How do I set up my Volt 476?

Getting Started
  1. Download and install UA Connect from
  2. Launch the UA Connect application.
  3. Follow the instructions within the app.

Does the Universal Audio Volt have DSP?

Will Volt run UAD plug-ins? No. Volt does not have onboard DSP chips to run UAD plug-ins.

Can you use Volt with Apollo?

I am assuming you have an apollo or satellite as well, so in that case yes you can still use them as long as those interfaces are plugged in. Volt doesn’t have any DSP, so you won’t be able to track with them, and you can only use inputs from one interface at a time into the DAW (unless you use an aggregate interface).

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Does Apollo work with USB-C?

Apollo Solo USB has a single USB-C port and can be connected to the host with either a USB-C to USB-C type cable or a USB A to USB C adapter cable as long as they are certified for USB 3 Super Speed operation.

Does Apollo Twin work with USB-C?

While both labeled USB, these ports are technically very different from one another, thus USB 3 Apollo interfaces will only work with a USB 3 port, and Thunderbolt Apollo’s will only work with Thunderbolt or USB Type C ports.

Can you use other plugins with Apollo?

Re: UAD plugins and Apollo Twin DSP

Yes, the preamps are clean, but you can insert various UAD preamp plugins, with their Unison technology, on the signal before it’s recorded. These both process the audio just like a regular plugin, and also control the preamp hardware and change various things about the input stage.

Can you use other plugins with UAD Apollo?

The UAD card runs UAD plugins on it. Other plugins will still run native inside your daw as they always would have, however they will use the computers resources to do so unlike the UAD plugins. Thanks for your quick answer!

Can you use 3rd party plugins with Apollo?

You can run non UA sanctioned 3rd party plug ins in your daw but the resulting latency will probably make them not useable for tracking, that is the whole point of the Apollo and using its sharc chips and dsp. 3rd party plugs in run on your host computer and can be used while mixing in your daw.

Can you bypass Apollo preamps?

The Apollo preamp circuitry can be bypassed on each of the line inputs, ostensibly for the “purest” signal path to the converters – really handy if you are patching external outboard gear to the line inputs.

Is preamp really necessary?

A preamp is an important part of the signal path for microphones and certain instruments, like the electric guitar. If you’ve ever plugged a microphone into an audio interface, or an electric guitar or bass into an amplifier, then you’ve already used one.

Can I use someone else’s Apollo twin?

Your UAD plug-ins can only be used with devices registered to the same system of your account as the plug-in licenses. This means that in order to use your UAD plug-ins with someone else’s UAD-2 / Apollo hardware, you would need to have the owner transfer the UAD-2 / Apollo device(s) into your account.

Can you use Apollo without console?

Apollo Twin X and UAD plug-ins can also be used with a DAW without the use of Console.

Are Apollo interfaces worth it?

UAD Apollo Value

It’s certainly many times more expensive than an entry level audio interface, but it’s also worth every penny. In terms of quality, you’ll never out grow it. In terms of plugins, it’s a great deal. The two limiting factors are the number of inputs/outputs, and the processing power.

Can I use Apollo without Thunderbolt?

Connecting Apollo Twin to the computer

The host computer must have an available Thunderbolt 3 port. – A qualified Thunderbolt 3 to Thunderbolt adapter is required. For details, see this article. – UAD devices with Thunderbolt 1 or Thunderbolt 2 connections may be mixed and/or matched.

Why Is Apollo the best interface?


What this means for you is that you’ll hear every detail in your music — essential for professional recording or mixing. With clear, dynamic sound reproduction, Apollo interfaces give you the perfect sonic canvas to paint with.

Why are UAD interfaces so expensive?

UAD Plugins are expensive because of their hardware accelerator. It’s a digital signal processor chip, not even an accelerator. It’s not your regular CPU but rather a specialized one built to perform the kinds of computations required by those plugins at speeds much above those of your regular CPU.

Why is Apollo Audio Interface expensive?

The more processors the interface has, the more plugins you can simultaneously load. This is one of the reasons why the Apollo twin MKII interfaces are so expensive, because it’s a feature unique to them.

Is Apollo twin worth buying?

The Apollo Twin Mk2 is one of the best audio interfaces you’ll ever use. It’s still a difficult purchase for some people, though, because it’s in a tricky price range. It’s well worth the money, but it’s also well beyond the average beginner budget.

Why does Apollo Twin get so hot?

Improper ventilation will cause overheating and can damage the unit. The unit should sit level on its four rubber feet and be placed far enough away from other objects that the air vents on its chassis are not blocked. The unit should be situated away from heat sources, or other equipment that produces excessive heat.

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