How do you set up Bluetooth on marine audio?

Marine AudioDSX-M80
  1. Place the BLUETOOTH device within 1 m (3 ft) of this unit.
  2. Press MENU, rotate the control dial to select [BLUETOOTH], then press it.
  3. Rotate the control dial to select [PAIRING], then press it.
  4. Rotate the control dial to select [DEVICE 1]* or [DEVICE 2]*, then press it.

How do I pair my ma300 Bluetooth?

Press and hold the AUDIO/MENU button (3) to enter menu adjustment mode. Repeatedly press the AUDIO/MENU button to access the following Bluetooth Menu options: BT ON/OFF: Press the ▲/▼ buttons (21, 9) to choose “BT ON” or “BT OFF”. button to select the device.

How do I connect my Jensen radio to Bluetooth?

How do you set up Bluetooth on marine audio? – Related Questions

Why won’t my Jensen Bluetooth connect?

If you cannot get the unit to pair to your phone you can try re-installing the jControl app. Disconnecting the battery cable and allowing time for the unit to totally power down is also worth trying. I suggest leaving the unit unpowered for a few hours or better yet overnight.

What is the Jensen Bluetooth code?

Before using Bluetooth functions, you must pair your mobile phone to the VX7528 unit. The device name is “Jensen”. The Bluetooth passcode “5309“.

Does Jensen radio have Bluetooth?

Every good road trip should have a soundtrack. So before you hit the road on your next big adventure, make sure you know how to take full advantage of your Fleetwood RV’s audio system, especially the Jensen RV Radio Bluetooth.

How do I reset my Jensen Bluetooth radio?

According to Jensen, resetting the stereo should fix your problem. Just to the right of the CD/DVD eject button is a small hole. If you straighten out a paper clip and push it in that hole, there’s a small reset button. Press the button and the stereo will reset itself.

How do I connect my Jensen ms30bt to Bluetooth?

Repeatedly press MODE until the unit displays PAIR ON, then press ►||/MUTE. The unit will display PAIR and count down from 120 to 0. While the unit counts down, use your mobile device Bluetooth function to search for a Bluetooth device.

How do I reset my Jensen ms3a Bluetooth?

Press the VOL + button (3) to display “RESET”. 3. Press the power button to confirm factory default restore. After reset, the unit will default to FM mode.

How do I turn on my Jensen marine radio?

Press the JENSEN power button (1) to turn the unit on/off. Perform the following steps to reset the radio to factory default settings: 1. Press and hold the power button (1) to display the software version.

How do I know if marine radio is working?

Perform a radio check to ensure your unit is functioning properly—do not use channel 16 to do this. Use an “open channel” to performance the check. Turn radio to one-watt power setting, and key the microphone. Call “radio check” three times, followed by your boat name and location.

Why is my Jensen radio not working?

If your Jensen RV Stereo # JWM60A will not turn on, it’s going to be either because it’s not getting power, it’s not grounded properly, or the fuse is blown. Since you already tried resetting the unit, we’ll start by checking the 10 amp fuse on the back of the unit and replace if necessary.

How do I update my Jensen radio?

Remove the MicroSD card from the unit. Insert the MicroSD card with the update files into the MicroSD card slot. Power the unit ON. The update process will begin automatically upon power up.

When did Jensen speakers go out of business?

Jensen Loudspeakers ceased production of their products in the early 1970s.

What company makes Jensen radios?


Who bought Jensen?

SAN JOSE, Calif. — Valin Corporation, a privately held, employee-owned company providing technical solutions for the technology, energy, life sciences, natural resources and transportation industries, has acquired Azusa, California-based Jensen Instrument Co.

Is Jensen a good sound system?

Jensen speakers provide excellent, high-quality, great-sounding speaker options for your unique sound. Prized for tone and an industry staple, Jensen performance has been with us for decades.

Which brand is the best radio?

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  • Radio Gaga TYKHO with Retro Design- 14.4011.05.
  • Eton Hand Turbine AM/FM Weather Radio and LED Flashlight – Green.
  • Edos RRL-US FM Radio.
  • Kaito KA123 Digital AM/FM & NOAA Weather Radio with Alert & Flashlight.
  • Konig Retro Design FM Radio.
  • Philips SBA 1610 Portable Speaker.
  • Philips IN-DL 167/IN FM Radio.

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