How long is A Court of Wings and Ruin audiobook?

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Listening Length25 hours and 9 minutes Release DateMay 02, 2017
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Who narrates A Court of Wings and Ruin?

I have zero complaints as to how she read the book. Amanda Leigh Cobb narrates A Court of Wings and Ruin and does a fantastic job of bringing the characters to life and I love how she voices them all.

How long does it take to read A Court of Wings and Ruin?

The average reader will spend 12 hours and 0 minutes reading this book at 250 WPM (words per minute).

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Does A Court of Wings and Ruin have Rhysand POV?

Point of View

There are two chapters that are written from Rhysand’s perspective. The first chapter has nothing to do with the events of this novel except to explain that Rhysand, Cassian, and Azriel have been through war and a strong bond exists among the three warriors.

What happens to Feyre and Rhysand?

Feyre realizes that the Cauldron must be restored, and Rhys sacrifices himself to do it. The High Lords resurrect Rhysand, who then, in turn, saves Amren. Lucien returns from finding Vassa, the additional mortal queen. Feyre meets with Miryam and Drakon and asks them to hide the Cauldron on their island.

Does Tamlin get a mate?

As the story progresses, her feelings for Tamlin blend from bitter cold to a burning passion. Eventually, Feyre and Tamlin fall in love.

Who slept with Rhysand?

After winnowing Rhysand to safety, a confused and angry Feyre leaves to spend time in solitude for a while. Rhys eventually finds her and explains his actions, prompting Feyre to accept the mating bond. The two sleep together.

Who does Feyre end up with Tamlin or Rhys?

She is still bonded to the Rhysand, High Lord of the Night Court and obligated to spend one week of every month with him. So far, he has not come to collect on the debt. Feyre is now engaged to Tamlin and lives with him in his estate in the Spring Court.

Who is in love with Feyre?

After a few days in a small cottage, Feyre realizes that she loves Rhysand as he does her. He appears one day and explains everything to her, how he protected Velaris from Amarantha, and the dreams he used to have of Feyre’s life.

What book do Feyre and Rhysand get married?

Summary: The war has ended, and Rhys and Feyre are finally getting married.

What book does Feyre almost marry Tamlin?

At the end of A Court of Thorns and Roses, it may have seemed like Feyre had everything figured out: she’d nearly died to save Tamlin, and now she was going to marry him.

Does Feyre love Tamlin or Rhysand?

Spoilers show that Feyre then somehow begins to feel trapped in the spring court and an overbearing Tamlin and ultimately gets whisked away on her wedding day in order to fulfill her bargain with Rhys at the night court. Well Feyre and Rhys end up falling in love and having that amazing and unbreakable MATING BOND.

Who is Azriel’s mate?

Azriel’s mate is Eris.

Are Feyre and Rhysand in a court of frost and starlight?

Each chapter is told from the perspective of a different character, including Feyre, Rhysand, Cassian, Nesta, and Mor.

What did feyre and Rhys name their baby?

Nyx is Feyre Archeron and Rhysand’s son.

Does Feyre have a daughter?

Nyx was conceived when Feyre was in Illyrian form therefore Feyre’s pregnancy was very high risk because she did not have the same wide pelvis as Illyrian women in order to give birth to a baby with wings. Nyx was born prematurely, almost three months

Are Azriel and Rhysand related?

Azriel (pronounced: Ahz-re-el) is an Illyrian and member of the Night Court. He is the spymaster shadowsinger of Rhysand and belongs to his Inner Circle. He is a childhood friend of Rhysand and Cassian. He is considered to be one of the most powerful Illyrians in Prythian history, along with Rhysand and Cassian.

Who is Mors mate?

When Mor was sold into marriage to Eris Vanserra, the eldest son of the High Lord of the Autumn Court, Rhysand took her to an Illyrian war-camp where he was stationed.

Who does Elain end up with?

At the end of A Court of Mist and Fury, Lucien claims to be Elain’s mate after she is Made High Fae, and the mating bond snaps into place.

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