How long is a long walk to water audio book?

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Listening Length2 hours and 41 minutes
AuthorLinda Sue Park
NarratorDavid Baker, Cynthia Bishop

Who narrates a long walk to water?

The walk is grueling, but there is unexpected hope. How these two stories intersect is told in this fascinating dual narrative, performed by David Baker and Cynthia Bishop, with the assistance of dialect coach James Achueil . . .

What is Chapter 3 of a long walk to water?

Summary: Chapter 3, Nya: Southern Sudan, 2008

As Nya walks, dirt becomes mud, then sludge, then water that reaches her ankles. Nya unties her gourd that is tied to the plastic container, fills it with muddy water, and drinks. She then fills the large container and reties the gourd.

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Did Salva find his family?

Sudan and Rochester, New York, 2003-2007: Salva is reunited with his father, who is shocked to learn that Salva is alive and well. His father says he never gave up hope that Salva was alive. Salva also learns that his mother, sisters, and one brother are also alive. His two other brothers were killed in the war.

Why do the boys buksa and Salva fall behind?

Salva and Buksa fall behind because they hear noises. They realize they found a beehive with honey.

What happens in chapter 3 of a long way home?

Summary: Chapter 3

The rebels send two messengers, one after the other, to announce that the rebels are coming to Mattru Jong and must be welcomed. The first messenger, a young man, has had all his fingers cut off except his thumbs. He has had the initials RUF—for Revolutionary United Front—carved onto his body.

How does Salva feel at the end of chapter 3?

Salva is hopeful at the end of the chapter, because he feels his family could be among the group of Dinka people.

What are 3 themes for A Long Walk to Water?

A Long Walk to Water Themes
  • Survival. Linda Sue Park’s A Long Walk to Water is a story about the lengths to which people will go in order to survive.
  • Hope and Resilience.
  • Social Strife.
  • Development.

What is chapter 2 about in A Long Walk to Water?

Summary: Chapter 2, Salva: Southern Sudan, 1985

He runs for hours, not knowing where he is going, where his family is, and if they will see him again. He slows to walk alongside others who are fleeing. At nightfall, the people stop and separate into groups by village. Salva joins people from Loun-Ariik, his village.

Who is the villain in A Long Walk to Water?

The protagonist of a long walk to water is Salva Dut. He leads a group of many kids and makes Nya’s life easier. The antagonist is the rebels and the war, because the war made Salva run away from his home and make him live a whole now life in a whole new place.

What does Salva decide to do to survive?

3. What does Salva decide to do to survive? Salva decides his family would want him to go on, and he will take it one day at a time like his uncle taught him on their journey.

What chapter does Akeer get sick in A Long Walk to Water?

Summary: Chapter 7, Nya: Southern Sudan, 2008

For several days, Nya’s sister Akeer has been complaining about a stomachache. Now Akeer is too weak to even moan. The sickness is not uncommon. It begins with cramps, stomachache, diarrhea, and sometimes a fever.

What disease did Salva’s father have?

Salva closed his eyes for a few moments, trying to picture his brothers through a haze of time and grief. He learned more about his father’s illness. Years of drinking contaminated water had left Mawien Dut’s entire digestive system riddled with guinea worms.

Why can’t Akeer have clean water?

Why can’t Akeer have clean water to drink? Her family does not have the money. She doesn’t have access to bottled water. Her family can’t collect enough water to boil it.

What challenges did Nya face?

Salva’s village was attackedSalva’s teacher told the boys to run away from the village
No clean water near where Nya’s family livesNya walks to get water every day
Salva is alone – no family/adult to take care of himOther people help Salva

What is Nya’s weakness?

Nya’s weakness is her unwillingness to fail. Being good at so much, when she finds herself in a position to fail, she is quick to give up. She was the only ninja to unlock their true potential before learning Spinjitzu.

Why can’t Nya create water?

In “The Belly of the Beast,” Cole said that Nya might not be able to draw Water from the air due to the low humidity of the Desert of Doom. This confirms that users of this element can only generate Water when there is humidity in the atmosphere.

Is Nya a real person?

Nya is a fictional character, although “she is representative of many of the children who live in the Sudan; everything that happened to Nya is true.”

Does Nya kiss Jay?

In one episode Nya gives Jay a kiss on the cheek. The two embrace and kiss whilst openly expressing their love in the Season 6 finale.

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