How long is audiobook tangerine?

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Listening Length9 hours and 21 minutes Release DateMarch 13, 2021
PublisherHMH Adult Audio
Program TypeAudiobook

Is Tangerine The book based off a true story?

Based on a true story and shot completely on an iPhone 5, the movie takes place over just one day, and follows Sin-Dee (Kitana Kiki Rodriguez) as she hunts down the woman who hooked up with her boyfriend, Chester (James Ransone).

Is there a movie to the book tangerine?

Tangerine is a 2015 American comedy-drama film directed by Sean Baker, and written by Baker and Chris Bergoch, starring Kitana Kiki Rodriguez, Mya Taylor, and James Ransone. The story follows a transgender sex worker who discovers her boyfriend and pimp has been cheating on her.

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What killed Luis in Tangerine?

Luis goes to Erik’s football practice to confront him about this, but Erik distracts him while signaling his friend Arthur to strike Luis from behind using a blackjack. This is witnessed by Paul, and Luis is found dead six days later from an aneurysm.

Is Paul legally blind in Tangerine?

Paul Fisher is legally blind. He wears glasses so thick he looks like a bug-eyed alien, and kids tell a story about how he blinded himself by staring at an eclipse of the sun. But Paul doesn’t remember doing that. And he doesn’t mind the glasses, because with them he can see.

Is Tangerine a Christmas movie?

It may not be about Christmas, but it has the spirit of the season and tells a powerful story about family. Tangerine presents an unconventional Christmas story, but it has holiday spirit in spades.

Was Tangerine filmed on an iPhone?

After the world premiere of Tangerine at Sundance, a collective gasp rose from the audience when director/writer/editor Sean Baker revealed that the widescreen movie had been shot entirely on three iPhone 5Ss.

How old is Paul in Tangerine?

Tangerine is about 12 year old Paul Fisher, who moves from Texas to Tangerine County, Florida where strange things occur. Legally blind, Paul struggles with distant memories to discover how he became blind, an event that he thinks has something to do with his older brother, Erik.

How old is Erik in Tangerine?

Main Characters

The protagonist, is twelve years old and in seventh grade. He is considered to be legally blind. He plays soccer, mostly as goalie.

Is Erik a psychopath Tangerine?

In the novel, Tangerine by Edward Bloor, Erik is characterized as a psychopath. Erik is callous to the people around him.

What crimes did Erik commit in Tangerine?

By Edward Bloor
  • Paul’s neighbors gather at his house for the meeting.
  • Mrs.
  • She admits to everyone that Erik and Arthur had been the ones robbing the neighborhood.
  • Erik would keep watch outside homes tented for termites, while Arthur put on a gas mask and robbed them.
  • Mr.
  • The theft victims are mad.

Why does Paul wear glasses in Tangerine?

Paul Fisher is a seventh grade soccer goalie who wears very thick glasses because, technically, he is legally blind. He really sees fairly well, though — but in a way few others see.

What does the zombie symbolize in Tangerine?

Answer and Explanation: The zombie in Tangerine serves as a symbol for the past Paul can’t remember. The zombie appears in the prologue to the novel and is tied to Paul and his family leaving their home before moving to Florida.

What does mom do to Erik Every night at dinner in Tangerine?

What does Mom do to Erik every night at dinner? talks about his friends. Why do the boys jack up their trucks? to go mudding.

What do muck fires symbolize in Tangerine?

Tangerine presents a perfect guise that conceals its ugly imperfections. Muck fires are significant, because they symbolize how some things are not what they always seem one looks beneath the surface and realizes the flaws.

Who vandalized the wall in Tangerine?

But this time, it’s the memory. The one he’s been trying to remember almost his entire life. Castor had been Erik’s sidekick in 5th grade. They had spray-painted something on the development wall of their old neighborhood, and had gotten in trouble for it.

Who spray painted Paul’s eyes in Tangerine?

And though Paul is surrounded with Erik’s trouble and evil, Paul received strength through it as well. To start with, in a fit of rage, Erik and his ‘goon’, Castor, decide to spray paint five-year-old Paul’s eyes.

What did Erik do to Tino in Tangerine?

“ Immediately, faster than I thought he could, faster than Tino thought he could, Erik lashed out, smashing the back of his hand across Tino’s face, smashing him so hard that Tino spun halfway around in the air and landed in the grass.” Erik hitting Tino made Paul feel powerless, like he couldn’t even help his close

Who dies at the end of Tangerine?

In Tangerine, Mike Costello is killed by a lightning strike while at football practice. He is in the end zone, touching the goal post when lightning strikes. He is thrown by the strike and his body is burned.

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