How long is Interview with the Vampire audiobook?

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How many Interview With a Vampire books are there?

The book spawned a total of twelve sequels, collectively known as The Vampire Chronicles, and the spin-off series New Tales of the Vampires. The first sequel, The Vampire Lestat, was published in 1985 and sold more than 75,000 copies in its first printing, garnering largely favorable reviews.

Is there a part 2 of Interview with a Vampire?

Has AMC Renewed Interview With the Vampire For Season Two? Yes.

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Who is Lestat in love with?

Louis and Lestat reunite in the 1980s with a new understanding, only to be caught up and briefly separated again in the events that are detailed in The Queen of the Damned, though in later books Lestat refers to Louis as his lover.

Is Lestat in love with Louis?

Lestat talked Louis through what he might become as a vampire, what he would become. Lestat wanted Louis as an eternal companion and as an eternal lover, having a powerful love for his beauty, his tenderness and his tragic heart.

What is Lestat dark gift?

The Dark Gift is a term for the vampiric power. When a vampire maker bestows the power to become immortal that is transmitted through the Blood on a fledgling, that maker is offering the Dark Gift.

What was Claudia’s dark gift?

Claudia’s Dark Gift was especially dark. She was cursed to live an immortal life in the body of a child.

Does Lestat have a son?

Among those tests is trying to determine just what the differences are that make vampires and also whether they can breed—Rice’s vampires are almost all homosexual, but Lestat ends up fathering a child with a mortal woman here. Not until later does he learn, however, that he now has a human son named Viktor.

What does Lestat mean in French?

Meaning of Lestat: Name Lestat in the French origin, means Estate, status, a name of the character in a novel Vampire Chronicles. Name Lestat is of French origin and is a Boy name.

Why is Lestat so powerful?

His abilities increased as he grew older and fed on the blood of several ancient vampires. He became stronger, invulnerable to sunlight, and gained the power of flight. Lestat eventually became so powerful that he became the seemingly immortal prince of vampires.

Are Louis and Armand lovers?

Louis burns down the Théâtre, killing the vampires there as revenge for Claudia’s death and drifts through the world with the Theatre’s former leader, Armand, whom he had fallen in love with. They separate in the late 1980s in New Orleans.

Is Lestat in love with his mom?

Love for these vampires is rather confusing, as it’s not always clear how it’s intended. It is likely that love no longer has any boundaries, labels, or even changes now. Let’s look at Lestat and Gabrielle, for instance. He loved her as his mother before, and she loved him as her son.

Are Louis and Lestat married?

Anne Rice confirms that the vampires Louis and Lestat are a same-sex couple with a child.

How long were Louis and Lestat together?

Louis is made into a vampire in 1791 at the age of twenty-five. He experiences wonder and guilt at his transformation. He lives with Lestat, his maker, for four years but becomes disgusted with Lestat’s vile ways and tells Lestat he plans to leave.

Who sired Lestat?

Magnus was a vampire who made Lestat de Lioncourt his sole vampire fledgling as told in The Vampire Lestat. Magnus is characterized by his black hair and eyes of the same color. As a mortal, he was an alchemist.

Does Lestat stay dead?

Claudia tries to kill Lestat by poisoning him and slitting his throat, but he manages to survive. So then Louis and Claudia burn Lestat—and their apartment—when he comes back to avenge himself. He survives that, too.

How old was Claudia when she died in Interview With the Vampire?

Long dead. Her story is told in Interview with the Vampire. Later appears as a spirit in Merrick, though the appearance is suspect.” Claudia was a five-year-old vampire child.

How long was Stefan drowning for?

At the bottom of the quarry, Stefan spent three months drowning, dying, and reawakening over and over again while trapped in the safe.

Who is the oldest vampire?

Jure Grando Alilović or Giure Grando (1579–1656) was a villager from the region of Istria (in modern-day Croatia) who may have been the first real person described as a vampire in historical records.

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