How long is passing the audiobook?

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What does Clare’s death mean in passing?

Whether Irene or John pushed her, or whether she fell herself, Clare’s fatal mistake (her “death by misadventure” as the police call it) is caused by her longing to cross the color line from white back to Black.

Does John push Clare in passing?

Did The Husband John Push Clare In Passing? It’s unclear who pushes Clare in Rebecca Hall’s Passing. In the Passing novel, the possibility of Clare jumping from the window was strongly implied, with the mention of “a faint smile on her full, red lips, and in her shining eyes” as she fell.

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Who does Clare marry in Passing?

After her father’s death during her adolescence, Clare moved away from her mostly-black neighborhood in Chicago to live with her white aunts. Later, she eloped with John Bellew, a white man to whom she never revealed her black ancestry. Together they have one daughter, Margery, and travel frequently for John’s work.

Did Irene push Claire out the window?

In both the novel and the film adaptation, it’s never explicitly stated if Irene is responsible for Clare’s death, though in literary discussions it is often concluded that Irene did, in fact, push Clare out the window.

Is Irene jealous of Clare in Passing?

Clare gets a horrible, unexpected ending as she is pushed out of a window by one of the characters. Irene was jealous of Clare and this made the readers feel that Clare did not care about Irene’s feelings because she was suspected of getting close to Irene’s husband.

How is Irene different from Clare?

Unlike Irene, who fears individuality and self-reliance, Clare is able to threaten the society in which she lives by passing from one world to another, never picking one, and living in the in-between.

What happens to Clare Kendry at the end of passing?

Passing is the newest arrival on Netflix and it tells the fascinating story of Irene Redfield and her renewed acquaintance with childhood friend, Clare Kendry. Over the course of the film, the pair’s relationship sours and in the final scene, Clare falls to her death from the window of an apartment building.

Does Clare kiss Irene?

Irene’s desire for Clare bubbles up at one point in the novel, when Clare walks into her room and kisses her head.

Does Clare stay with Eli?

They reconciled their relationship in In The Cold, Cold Night (2) when they kiss at the frostival at the very end of Season 11. In Come As You Are (1) they officially get back together after winter break.

What is Irene’s advice to Clare?

Irene, who finds purpose in her own motherhood, tells Clare to think of Margery as a reason that she should not risk John finding out about her race.

Why does Irene go to the Drayton Hotel?

Irene is about to faint when a friendly driver helps her into his car and offers to drive her to the Drayton, a white hotel, so that she can buy an iced tea.

Why is Irene an unreliable narrator?

She lies to herself about her tense, racially fraught relationship with her husband, as well as her repressed homosexual attraction towards Clare. These lies, combined with her deep-seated fear and hatred of desire make Irene erratic and untrustworthy.

What does Irene promise at the end of chapter 2?

Irene is annoyed that she promised to make time to see Clare on Tuesday when Clare leads such a separate life from her now.

What is ironic about Irene being at the Drayton?

The first mention of Irene’s race does not occur until, at the Drayton, she is stared down by a woman she suddenly fears has identified her as Black. In another example of irony, it is Irene who cannot see that the woman, whom she doesn’t recognize as Clare, is also Black.

Is Sherlock Holmes attracted to Irene Adler?

Sherlock Holmes refers to her afterward respectfully as “the Woman.” In the original Doyle story, Watson notes Holmes has no romantic interest in Adler or in women in general, pointing out the detective only exhibits a platonic admiration for her wit and cunning.

Why does Sherlock Holmes love Irene Adler?

In the books, Sherlock refers to Irene as “The Woman” not out of romantic interest but due to fascination and respect as she managed to outsmart him. Watson notes that his friend has no romantic interest in Irene or other women, and instead shows platonic admiration for her wit.

Why does Brian want to move to Brazil in passing?

The influence of Brazil in Passing is much closer than it appears. Brian’s desire to relocate to Brazil reveals his desire to escape the American color line and Irene’s desire to remain in the U.S. is a testament to how she values “security” as the “most important and desired thing in life” (Larsen 76).

What is the message of the book passing?

Passing is a novel highly concerned with the reality of uncertainty, specifically in terms of identity. With the understanding that identity shapes experience, Nella Larsen creates a narrative in which characters are forced by society to choose their experience.

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