How long is the audiobook for And Then There Were None?

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Listening Length6 hours and 1 minute
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Does Dan Stevens narrate audiobooks?

He maintains an interest in writing and literature outside of his acting work, and was a member of the judging panel for the 2012 Man Booker Prize for Fiction. He has narrated more than 30 audiobooks and has been nominated for two Audie Awards.

Is And Then There Were None an easy read?

“And Then There Were None” is an average who-done-it novel. It is easy to read and follow for the most part. It has enough mystery and thrill to keep the reader entertained from start to finish and is well thought out.

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Can a 12 year old read And Then There Were None?

The book was written for adults, but teens can learn a lot about the mystery genre from this master.

Is And Then There Were None offensive?

Even in 1939, this title was considered too offensive for American publication. Christie’s work is not known for its racial sensitivity, and by modern standards her oeuvre is rife with casual Orientalism.

What grade do you read And Then There Were None?

And Then There Were None meets the standard for Range of Reading and Level of Text Complexity for grade 8. Its structure, pacing, and universal appeal make it an appropriate reading choice for reluctant readers.

Should I read or watch And Then There Were None?

You should definitely read the book, it’s an absolute masterpiece once you get through the little intro it will keep you on your toes, keep you guessing as people disappear and then… just when you think you knew who it was…

Is And Then There Were None a short story?

“And Then There Were None,” her best-selling mystery novel, is an easy favorite, a short, classic whodunit that can be eaten up in a day with total satisfaction.

Why is And Then There Were None a good book?

As a long-time lover of Agatha Christie, this book will forever remain my favourite murder mystery. It’s perfectly crafted, there are twists and turns at every stage, the characters are all well developed with full backstories, and all the pieces fit so intricately you can’t help but marvel at the story.

Who is the oldest character in And Then There Were None?

General John Gordon Macarthur

The oldest guest. Macarthur is accused of sending a lieutenant, Arthur Richmond, to his death during World War I because Richmond was his wife’s lover.

What is the best Agatha Christie book to start with?

If you’re new to Agatha Christie, then we recommend starting with one of her most famous novels, And Then There Were None. This is a classic mystery novel about ten strangers who are invited to stay on an isolated island, only to find that someone is murdering them one by one.

Who is the villain in And Then There Were None?

Lesson Summary. Justice Wargrave is the clever murderer in the mystery novel And Then There Were None by Agatha Christie. He is described as an old and terminally ill man, and the other characters compare his appearance to both a frog and turtle.

Is Vera Claythorne the killer?

She killed a young boy in order to ensure that her lover got his inheritance. When the last two people alive on the island are Vera and Lombard, she believes that he must be responsible for the murders of the other 8 guests. She shoots and kills him before going back to the mansion to hang herself.

Who was the last person killed in And Then There Were None?

Later that day, Emily Brent is killed in the kitchen by an injection of potassium cyanide that leaves a mark on her neck (“a bumblebee stung one”).

Who helped Wargrave fake his death?

Later, Armstrong agreed to help Wargrave fake his death, and pretended to examine the body of the judge and find a gunhot wound on his forehead.

Who did Vera Claythorne drown?

She fell in love with a man named Hugo while she was employed as a nanny for a young boy, Cyril Hamilton. Cyril’s birth took away Hugo’s chance at an inheritance and Hugo told Vera at one point that he would marry her if he still had money. Vera therefore allowed Cyril to swim out into the ocean too far and drown.

Who was the best character in And Then There Were None?

Favorite character was by far Emily Brent. She is a victim of her own generation and even though her head is distorted by the Bible, her heart is in the right place (remember how she was the one to say that black or white we’re all brothers. Remember, this book was written in the 30s).

How old is Vera Claythorne in the book?

Vera Claythorne – (female) mid 20’s, She is a good-looking girl of 25. Philip Lombard – (male) mid-30’s, He is an attractive, lean man of 34, with a touch of adventurer about him.

Do Vera and Lombard get together?

In this version, Vera is shown to be a much darker character, as she deliberately led Cyril to his death. In both the 1945 film, and the novel, she does not become physically involved with Philip Lombard.

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