How long is the Bean Trees audiobook?

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Listening Length9 hours and 20 minutes
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What should I read if I like The Bean Trees?

House Made of Dawn
  • Veterans.
  • Western Stories.

What Is The Bean Trees book about?

THE BEAN TREES is a novel about a young woman, Taylor Greer, who leaves her home state of Kentucky to find a life outside of what she knew – growing up to become barefoot and pregnant.

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What does the bird symbolize in The Bean Trees?

Birds serve as a symbol of freedom in the novel because of their ability to fly, but it is a delicate, vulnerable freedom. Birds represent the freedom of nature, but this freedom is threatened by the confines of modern life in an American city like Tucson.

What does Turtle symbolize in The Bean Trees?

Most often, birds are metaphorically associated with Turtle, the abandoned child with strong survival instincts. As Turtle’s life changes, so do the birds that symbolize her.

What is the author’s purpose in The Bean Trees?

Kingsolver believes in writing that promotes social change. She is committed to social and environmental causes, and The Bean Trees reflects this commitment.

What does Taylor learn in The Bean Trees?

Although never naïve, Taylor becomes even more worldly after learning about the political corruption and personal tragedy faced by Estevan and Esperanza and the abuse inflicted on Turtle. Her sympathetic reaction to the difficulties of others reveals Taylor’s tenderheartedness.

What are the social issues in The Bean Trees?

The Bean Trees addresses the plight of refugees, illegal immigration, single mothers, poverty, and Native American rights.

How is feminism shown in The Bean Trees?

The women in The Bean Trees portray feminist views shared by Kingsolver. They are strong, resilient women living in an imperfect world in late twentieth-century America. Their endurance, strong relationships, and commitment to their nontraditional families are paramount to their survival within the confines of society.

What does water symbolize in The Bean Trees?

Throughout the novel, water is a sign of change for the characters – with all the good and bad consequences that those changes bring.

How does The Bean Trees define motherhood and family?

As the two women learn to be mothers who unconditionally love their children, the way that Taylor’s own mother loves her, the novel argues that motherhood requires nothing more or less than a willingness to do anything for your child.

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What did Emma Watson do for feminism?

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Is Emma Watson still in HeForShe?

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What is Emma Watson’s favorite Hermione line?

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Emma Watson (Hermione Granger)

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