How long is the fault in our stars audiobook?

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Listening Length7 hours and 11 minutes
AuthorJohn Green
NarratorJohn Green, Kate Rudd, Laura Grafton

Can adults read the fault in our stars?

The things Hazel and Gus realize by the end is a true to reality idea of death and love. I recommend for older teens and adults too!

Is the fault in our stars a sad book?

The story is really beautiful and sorrowful. I’ve read the book twice but it still brings tears to my eyes. Actually, I’ve seen people reading and never even crying over the saddest books.

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Why was The Fault in Our Stars book banned?

The book was deemed inappropriate for middle school students because of its theme of mortality, sexual content, and vulgar language.

What is the saddest part of The Fault in Our Stars?

The saddest part the narration of Augustus’s letter. made me cry fr hours.. When Mrs. Lancaster cried to her husband and said if Hazel dies, she won’t be a mom anymore.

What was Gus trying to get at the gas station Why?

It’s significant that this episode occurs as Augustus is trying to get a new pack of cigarettes. Throughout the novel the cigarettes have been a symbolic gesture of Augustus’s attempt to exercise control over death.

What is Augustus Waters diagnosis?

Ansel Elgort’s Augustus Waters had a type of bone cancer called osteosarcoma, but is in remission after having part of his leg amputated — a demanding special effect.

What does the cigarette symbolize in The Fault in Our Stars?

Cigarettes. Gus’s unlit cigarettes represent power and control over his life. He believes, “You put the killing thing right between your teeth, but you don’t give it the power to do its killing.” The cigarettes lend Gus the air of confidence and bravado that his character so craves.

What does Hazel put in the coffin with Gus?

Hazel says “okay” a number of times before sneaking a pack of Camel Lights into the casket. The funeral starts, and the minister talks about Augustus’s courage and how he’s an inspiration.

What is the main message of The Fault in Our Stars?

Love and friendship are the primary themes of ‘The Fault in Our Stars. ‘ Throughout the novel, John Green showed how Hazel and Augustus sailed through their love for each other. The story focused on its primary character’s relationship and showed how it slowly progressed from mutual friendship to love.

Why does Hazel say she is a grenade?

Until now, Hazel has been the “grenade,” meaning the one who would hurt everyone around her when she died. Her fear of hurting others has led her to wonder if it’s best to maintain her distance from people in order to spare them pain when she finally succumbs to her cancer.

Does Hazel get pregnant in the book?

Three weeks after Augustus died, Hazel found out she is pregnant. She feels like she’ll have another Gus, something to remember him by. But little to her condolences the baby dies. She gives birth to Gus’s child but it doesn’t survive because the cancer that Hazel has been touched with allowed things to go wrong.

Why does hazel not talk to Caitlyn?

Hazel even laments that because of the cancer barrier, it could never again feel natural to talk to Kaitlyn. Kaitlyn can’t separate Hazel from her identity as a cancer patient, and conversely Hazel can’t reassume her pre-cancer identity.

What is Hazel afraid of?

At the beginning of the novel, Hazel obsesses over the impact her death will have on those around her. She fears getting close to anyone because she knows that her death, which isn’t far off, will hurt anyone close to her. It makes her, as she puts it, a “grenade.” This fear appears most in regard to her mother.

What was Hazel illness?

At the centre of the young adult novel, The Fault in Our Stars, is Hazel Lancaster. Hazel was diagnosed with stage IV thyroid cancer at age 13 but treatment with an experimental (and fictional) drug saved her.

What is Hazel curse?

Hazel’s Curse is a curse that was placed on Hazel Levesque at birth. It causes the precious gems that Hazel summons to cause the buyers to suffer.

What is Hazel’s secret?

Frank Zhang

As the two take off on the quest to Alaska with Percy, Frank reveals that he knows of Hazel’s secret that she came back from the dead.

Who does Reyna fall in love with?

Reyna developed romantic feelings for Jason as they grew up together in Camp Jupiter. Reyna’s romantic feelings for Jason got stronger over the years.

Does Hazel kiss Percy?

During the ride, Hazel kisses Percy on the cheek, but just as sisterly love. They stay in Hazel’s old house for awhile and take Arion to the home of the giant, Alcyoneus who is keeping Thanatos.

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