How long is The Glass Menagerie audiobook?

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Listening Length1 hour and 50 minutes
AuthorTennessee Williams
NarratorYosef Kent Release DateMay 16, 2020
PublisherAuthor’s Republic

What mental illness does Laura have in The Glass Menagerie?

Answer and Explanation: Laura shows signs of acute social anxiety and symptoms of a psychotic disorder. She confesses she doesn’t hear her glass figurines arguing.

Who is the villain in Glass Menagerie?

Amanda is only the antagonist if you think that Tom is the protagonist. Even then, she’s more a pain in his side than that a villain. But we’ll make the argument anyway. Amanda harasses and badgers Tom into being unhappy and restless.

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What is the main message of The Glass Menagerie?

The Difficulty of Accepting Reality

Among the most prominent and urgent themes of The Glass Menagerie is the difficulty the characters have in accepting and relating to reality.

What is the most important symbol in The Glass Menagerie?

As the title of the play informs us, the glass menagerie, or collection of animals, is the play’s central symbol. Laura’s collection of glass animal figurines represents a number of facets of her personality. Like the figurines, Laura is delicate, fanciful, and somehow old-fashioned.

Is Amanda controlling The Glass Menagerie?

It revolved around Amanda’s pressure on her children. Amanda wanted to control both Tom and Laura’s life. From the beginning, Amanda was shown as very controlling.

Why did Jim call Laura blue roses?

Jim calls Laura “Blue Roses,” a mispronunciation of “pleurosis,” a disease that caused Laura to miss some school during high school. The name “Blue Roses” turns Laura’s defect into an asset: her unusual, otherworldly qualities are seen as special rather than debilitating.

What disease does Laura Wingfield have?

Her nickname, “Blue Roses,” derives from Jim’s mishearing of “pleurosis,” the disease that left her crippled. Both Tom and Jim see Laura as like a blue rose, exotic and frail in her rarity. Yet despite her fragility, Laura does not willfully delude herself about the nature of her reality.

Who is the most realistic character in The Glass Menagerie?

[TOM:] He is the most realistic character in the play, being an emissary from a world of reality that we were somehow set apart from.

Why does Jim Kiss Laura?

Extremely apologetic, Jim tells her that she is different from anyone else he knows, that she is pretty, and that if she were his sister he would teach her to have some self-confidence and value her own uniqueness. He then says that someone ought to kiss her. Jim kisses Laura on the lips.

Is Amanda Wingfield a good mother?

In fact, as annoying as all the nagging about keeping one’s elbows off the table is, Amanda is actually a very loving mother. Other than shooting the breeze about when she used to have gentlemen callers in her youth, Amanda doesn’t really think too much about herself.

What is Jim a symbol of in The Glass Menagerie?

Jim symbolizes the desire to fix something that cannot be fixed. The instant the unicorn breaks, Laura’s family breaks.

What does Laura’s glass menagerie symbolize?

The title of the play, and the play’s most prominent symbol, the glass menagerie represents Laura’s fragility, otherworldliness, and tragic beauty. The collection embodies Laura’s imaginative world, her haven from society.

Does Jim like Laura?

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The Glass Menagerie
EndJim, after kissing Laura, must explain that he is already engaged and must go. Some years later Tom is thinking about his sister Laura whom he will never forget

Why is Amanda so upset with Tom at the end of the play?

She attributes his surly attitude to the fact that he spends every night out—doing something shameful, in her opinion—though he insists that he spends his nights at the movies. Amanda asserts that, by coming home late and depriving himself of sleep, he is endangering his job and, therefore, the family’s security.

Who is the hero in The Glass Menagerie?

The tragic hero of this story is Laura Wingfield, Tom’s sister. The physically and emotionally crippled girl is the only character that never does anything to hurt anyone and tries so hard to please everyone. Her shyness is her fatal and in the end will be the cause of her demise.

What does Amanda’s obsession become?

What is Amanda’s obsession? Amanda is obsessed with getting Laura a gentlemen caller.

What is the climax of The Glass Menagerie?

Laura’s brief interaction with Jim, the gentleman caller, is identified as the climax of her secret world.

Why is Tom the tragic hero in The Glass Menagerie?

The last argument that proves Tom to be a tragic hero is his life-changing decision to leave his mother and sister to seek adventures not only in the movies. Laura and Amanda became hopeless and alone after Tom left to pursue the great unknown and run away from the unbearable life challenges.

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