How long is the hiding place audiobook?

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Listening Length8 hours and 14 minutes
AuthorCorrie ten Boom, Elizabeth Sherrill, John Sherrill
NarratorWanda McCaddon

What happened in chapter one of the hiding place?

Summary: Chapter 1: The One Hundredth Birthday Party

All morning, bouquets of flowers are delivered to the house from people who love Corrie’s father, and she and her sister Betsie arrange them for the party. Hans, the apprentice, and Toos, the bookkeeper, arrive.

What happened in chapter 2 of the hiding place?

Chapter 2 Summary and Analysis

In chapter two, Corrie flashes back to her childhood. In 1898, she was six years old, and living with her older sisters in the Beje. Betsie, the eldest, already suffers from anemia. The family lives a simple life, preferring to help others, though the watch shop makes little money.

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What happened in chapter 3 of the hiding place?

Summary: Chapter 3: Karel

Tante Bep contracts tuberculosis, and Mama is sick with gallstones and strokes. When Corrie asks how they might make Tante Bep happier, Mama tells Corrie that happiness is something we make inside ourselves. After Tante Bep dies, Tante Jans learns she has diabetes.

What happened in chapter 4 of The Hiding Place?

Chapter 4 Summary and Analysis

Ten Boom suffers from a cerebral hemorrhage, which leaves her in a coma for two months. The family can only watch and pray. She wakens from her coma, but cannot speak. When Nollie marries, the girls’ spinster aunt, Anna, must give Nollie the ritual thirty-minute talk about sex.

What happened in chapter 7 of The Hiding Place?

Summary: Chapter 7: Eusie

Christoffels is found dead, frozen with fear in his bed. Mr. and Mrs. de Vries hide at a neighbor’s, but that home is soon raided too. When Mr. de Vries is arrested, a kind police officer named Rolf arranges for Mrs. de Vries, who is Christian, to see her husband before he is transported.

What is the main message of hiding place?

The most important theme of this story is God’s love is always there no matter how dark the shadows that fall over us. This theme overflows the events of the story as Corrie and Betsie always come back to it when despair threatens to overtake them. Another theme involves the idea of love for our fellow man.

What happened in chapter 6 of The Hiding Place?

Summary: Chapter 6: The Secret Room

By 1942, the Dutch national anthem is prohibited, but Peter plays the music in church anyway. Three days later, he is taken by the Gestapo. Two weeks later, the Jewish Mrs. Kleermaker arrives at the ten Boom house and asks for asylum.

What happened to the Jews in the hiding place?

However, after the betrayal of a Dutch collaborator, the house is raided by Nazis on 28 February 1944, and the entire family and its friends are arrested. But despite thoroughly searching the house, the Jews and the hiding place are never found by authorities.

What happened in chapter 10 of the hiding place?

Summary: Chapter 10: Scheveningen

Father is offered pardon if he promises to discontinue helping Jews. However, he proudly states he will continue to help anyone who is in need and who is denied freedom. Corrie then confesses to being the ringleader to protect her family.

What happens in chapter 11 of the hiding place?

Summary: Chapter 11: The Lieutenant

Corrie attends her first hearing. Lieutenant Rahms treats her kindly and offers her a chair and warming fire but then says that she must confess everything. When Corrie defends her treatment of the disabled, he dismisses her.

What happens in chapter 15 of the hiding place?

Summary: Chapter 15: The Three Visions

Corrie’s legs swell. She is sent to an office where she sees a Certificate of Discharge with her name on it. A doctor diagnoses her with edema, and she goes to the hospital until she recovers. When well enough to leave, Corrie receives clothes, her possessions, and some food.

What did Jack do in Chapter 11?

Jack screams in victory at Ralph and then throws his spear at him. The spear wounds Ralph but bounces off, and Ralph flees for his life.

What happened in chapter 14 of the hiding place?

Summary: Chapter 14: The Blue Sweater

Corrie is slated to work in a factory, but she doesn’t want to leave Betsie. A sympathetic guard arranges for Corrie to work with Betsie in the knitting room, which now serves as a prayer center.

Why is the blue sweater important in the hiding place?

Answer and Explanation: When Corrie and Betsie were taken to Ravensbruck concentration camp, they managed to take Nollie’s blue sweater with them. After Betsie dies at Ravensbruck Hospital, the blue sweater is a constant reminder of her sisters.

Who is the snake in the hiding place?

The Hiding Place (1975) – Carol Gillies as ‘The Snake,’ Camp Matron – IMDb.

What does the blue sweater symbolize in the hiding place?

The light blue sweater Nollie sends Corrie symbolizes hope. 3.) The words Corrie rights on her prison wall after learning about Father’s death – Father.

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How did Corrie enter the hospital in the hiding place?

One day Betsie wakes up unable to move at all, and Corrie has to carry her to roll call. The next day, Corrie begs the Snake, the guard on duty, for help; after roll call, she finds that The Snake has summoned nurses to carry Corrie to the hospital, so that she doesn’t have to stand in the sick call line.

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