How long is The Outsiders audiobook?

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Listening Length5 hours and 8 minutes Release DateJuly 22, 2004
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Program TypeAudiobook

Is there an audio version of a book?

An audiobook (or a talking book) is a recording of a book or other work being read out loud. A reading of the complete text is described as “unabridged”, while readings of shorter versions are abridgements.

Who narrates the outsider audiobook?

THE OUTSIDER by Stephen King Read by Will Patton | Audiobook Review | AudioFile Magazine.

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How old should you be to read The Outsider?

S.E. Hinton’s, The Outsiders is a great book for elder kids and young teens to read. I recommend the book for 11 years and up. The story focuses around Ponyboy, his brothers, and their gang. The story takes place during the 1960’s in Oklahoma.

Who is the creepy guy in The Outsider?

It’s the mean cop, aka Detective Jack Hoskins

Jack Hoskins shows up in Episode 2 when he’s called in from a hunting trip to help out in the aftermath of Terry Maitland’s death.

Does Dan Stevens narrate audiobooks?

He maintains an interest in writing and literature outside of his acting work, and was a member of the judging panel for the 2012 Man Booker Prize for Fiction. He has narrated more than 30 audiobooks and has been nominated for two Audie Awards.

Why is the narrator in The Outsider unreliable?

He is simply too young and unsophisticated to be a fully reliable narrator. The loss of their memory prevents them from fully understanding what is happening around him. This clouds the truth of the story and hides what is actually happening.

Is the narrator in The Outsider unreliable?

Answer and Explanation: Ponyboy in S.E. Hinton’s The Outsiders is an unreliable narrator because he is young, he doesn’t pay that much attention, and he is frequently incapacitated.

What book did Sam heughan narrate?

Waypoints: My Scottish Journey

With the rugged West Highland Way as the backdrop to the narrative, Sam writes a love letter to the wild Scottish landscape that means so much to him—full of charming, funny, wise, and searching insights into the world through his eyes.”

What did Claire and Jamie’s obituary say?

It is with grief that the news is received of the death by fire of JAMES MACKENZIE FRASER and his wife in a conflagration that destroyed the home and the settlement of Fraser’s Ridge,” the obituary read. The date was January 21, but the year remained a mystery.

Is Outlander a steamy book?

The beloved romance series Outlander is adored by millions for its compelling characters and rich plot, but it’s also known for its steamy love scenes.

How does Caitriona Balfe’s husband feel about Sam Heughan?

What does Caitríona Balfe love most about Sam Heughan? The friends often gush about one another and when asked what her favourite thing about her handsome co-star was, Caitríona told Elle: “Sam’s just so kind. He’s a really good friend. He always checks in.

Why is Jamie’s ghost at Claire’s window?

It is believed that the actual purpose of Jamie’s ghost being outside of Claire’s window was to help steer her to his own time where they would meet. Since Claire’s trip through the stones at Craigh Na Dun was completely accidental, she could have ended up at any time in the past.

Who does Jamie cheat on Claire with?

Jamie does admit he’s slept with someone else, telling her about his one-night tryst with Mary MacNab (Emma Campbell-Jones) before he turned himself in to authorities following the Battle of Culloden nearly 20 years prior.

What does Jamie say to Claire in bed?

Jamie: “Claire, it was you. It’s always been you, and it always will be. Get into bed and put the candle out.

Who bit Jamie’s thighs?

Claire Saves Jamie’s Life by Giving Him a [NSFW] in Outlander Season 5, Episode 9. Forget CPR! So, this entire episode of Outlander basically revolved around an evil snake (Lord Voldemort, is that you?) biting Jamie’s thigh, and it was all extremely dramatic and angsty so let’s get right to it.

What is Jamie’s secret?

Jamie’s Secret is a story about a nine-year-old who loves soccer, playing with her best friend Sadie, and collecting crystals. She loves hugging and climbing trees, watching butterflies, and soaring on her swing. Jamie loves life and everything that points to it.

What episode does Jamie cheat on Claire?

In a shocking turn of events, Outlander season 6, episode 6 saw Claire’s apprentice Malva accuse Jamie of infidelity, claiming her unborn child is Jamie’s, but the aftermath forgets one critical detail from Outlander season 3.

Why was Claire’s hair cut?

It began in the form of a bad haircut, after Malva and housekeeper Mrs Bug cut Claire’s hair off to ease the fever.

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