How long is the Restart audiobook?

Book Information
Copyright year2017
Number of Pages256
Length of Recording6
Shelf No.NA076

Is Restart on audible?

Restart by Gordon Korman – Audiobook –

What happened in Chapter 1 of Restart?

In Chapter 1, Chase Ambrose wakes up in the hospital with amnesia. He does not know who he is or any details about his life. All he can remember is a little blonde girl in a blue dress with white lace. A woman and younger man claim to be his mother and older brother, Johnny, but Chase does not recognize them.

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Who was the girl in the blue dress in Restart?

In the beginning of the story, it is believed that the little girl with the blue dress from Chase’s memories was a physical human. However, this was not the case and it turned out it was a painting Chase saw in his neighbor’s house when he fell bb Mr. Solway’s medal.

How old is Chase in Restart?

When 13-year-old Chase Ambrose wakes up in a hospital after four days in a coma, there’s a woman weeping at his side. “Where am I?” he asks. “Who are these people?” Turns out the woman is his mother, and Chase has developed amnesia after falling off his roof.

What happens in the beginning of Restart?

Korman’s latest standalone book, Restart, is no different. The story begins with eighth-grader Chase Ambrose waking up in the hospital with amnesia. His mother, whom he doesn’t recognize, informs him that he fell off the roof of their house. Chase not only doesn’t remember that—he remembers nothing of his 13 years.

What happened in the beginning of the book Restart?

The story begins with Chase Ambrose waking up in the hospital with amnesia. He does not know who he is, nor does he remember any details about his life. The only thing he does remember is a little blonde girl in a blue dress with white lace.

What is the summary of Restart?

BOOK SUMMARY: When a fall from a roof wipes out Chase Ambrose’s memory, he has to restart his life. Upon returning to school, Chase is puzzled by the differences in the way that others treat him. Some are happy to see him while others steer clear of him. Can Chase figure out who he was before?

Who does Brendan have a crush on in Restart?

When Kimberly Tooley joins the video club to be with Chase, Brendan develops a crush on her. To get Kimberly’s attention Brendan has her and Chase film a video he calls ‘Leaf Man’.

Who is the girl Chase remembers in Restart?

YARETZI The girl is from a picture his neighbor hung up. He remembers that girl because his neighbor, that had the painting ,was doing exercise and Chase was gonna take a photo.

What is Chase hiding in Restart?

Chase was hiding the Medal of Honor he stole from Solway on his roof and after he finished he saw his overweight neighbor doing some yoga through the neighbor’s sunroof. Chase found the image so funny he decided to take a photo of it while still climbing down from the roof.

Why did Chase fall off the roof in Restart?

How did Chase fall off of his roof? He came up with the brilliant idea of hiding Mr. Solway’s medal under a shingle on the top of his roof. Then, he watched his neighbor in their upstairs room doing yoga under the paining of the blond girl.

What do the glasses represent in Restart?

author, gordan korman, says the broken glasses on the front cover of the book are not brendan’s which broke in the car wash but rather a symbol for the book. what do you think the glasses represent? the glasses are a symbol of chase’s broken spirit after the accident.

Who is the apex predator in Restart?

When Chase Ambrose – the “apex predator” of Hiawassee Middle School – falls from the roof of his home, he suffers a concussion and has amnesia. His memory is gone. He can remember things like how to talk, but he can’t remember his own name or recognize his family members.

What did Chase put in the piano in Restart?

In the book Restart, Why was Chase and his friends not punished for most of their bullying and other antics? Chase and his friends were given community service at an old folk’s retirement home because they put a bunch of cherry bombs in a grand piano that Joel was playing, destroying the piano and scaring Joel.

Why is Helene scared of Chase in Restart?

Why is Helene most likely afraid of Chase? Chase has done something mean to her in the past.

What did Dr Fitzwallace tell Chase?

Chase also meets with the school principal, Dr. Fitzwallace, who urges him to see his injuries as a ‘chance to rebuild himself from the ground up, to make a completely fresh start.

What was Joel hit with in Restart?

Bear tried to take it back, but Chase resisted, eventually yanking the fire extinguisher out of Bear’s hands, but inadvertently hitting Joel in the head with it, which gave him severe eye injuries.

Why does Joel wear a broken watch?

It is a broken wristwatch owned by Joel Miller. Joel wore it at all times even after it broke, ever since his daughter Sarah Miller gave it to him as a birthday present.

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