How long is the Station Eleven audiobook?

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Listening Length10 hours and 40 minutes
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How is Station Eleven narrated?

Eleven’s presence. He became the show’s omniscient narrator. His perspective was realized through visuals alone without the assistance of a clunky voice-over. His omniscience is subtle, often subliminal, but it turns the many pieces of Station Eleven’s narrative into spokes on a wheel.

Who is the narrator of Station Eleven?

STATION ELEVEN by Emily St John Mandel Read by Kirsten Potter | Audiobook Review | AudioFile Magazine.

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Why is it called Station Eleven?

Mandel’s novel gets its name from Station Eleven, a graphic novel written and illustrated by Miranda. Station Eleven’s central character is Dr. Eleven, a mysterious spaceman who lives on Station Eleven, a space station designed to resemble earth.

What is Arthur’s last name in Station Eleven?

“Station Eleven Characters: Arthur Leander.” LitCharts.

Did Jeevan leave Kirsten?

At the end of Episode 9, “Dr. Chaudhary,” we come to learn that Jeevan returned to the cabin one last time to confirm Kirsten wasn’t there. After that, he moves on and in year 20, he lives by a lake with Lara (Tattiawna Jones) and their children.

Why is Arthur important to Kirsten?

Kirsten Raymonde

Kirsten was a child actor onstage with Arthur when he died. She subsequently survives the Georgia flu and travels the post-pandemic world with the Traveling Symphony. While she forgets much of her life from before the pandemic, she remembers Arthur.

Is Jeevan still alive in Station Eleven?

Much later, in Station Eleven’s 9th episode, it is revealed that Jeevan had actually survived the wolf attack and was rescued by a woman named Lara, who took him to a community of survivors.

How many ex wives does Arthur have in Station Eleven?

Yet, his impact lives on: Arthur has a tie to all of the main characters in Station Eleven. As the novel progresses, listeners will learn about his relationships with his three ex-wives, his young son, his pen pal, and his best friend, Clark.

Who is the villain of Station 11?

The Prophet of Mandel’s novel is a two-dimensional, creepy uncle-type villain. A cult leader who abducts young girls who are to become his child brides, the Prophet is no better than the Claimers on The Walking Dead or every character who isn’t the protagonist in The Road.

Does Tyler become the Prophet in Station Eleven?

In Station Eleven by Emily St. John Mandel, it is revealed that the Prophet is actually Arthur Leander’s son Tyler. As Tyler now known as the prophet, one is to wonder, what led him to be the prophet, what could’ve been the influence that make him into the prophet.

What does the Prophet whisper to the conductor?

There is a whispered conversation between the conductor and the Prophet regarding Alexandra. The Prophet asks if the group will leave her behind so that she can become one of his brides, but the conductor firmly denies this request.

What does the ending of Station Eleven mean?

In the show’s very last scene, Kirsten and Jeevan walk down the same road together at the tail end of the Traveling Symphony as it rides off to its next destination. Kirsten and Jeevan’s paths will diverge again soon, with Kirsten carrying on to the next location on the wheel and Jeevan returning home to his children.

What is the moral of Station Eleven?

Station Eleven shows how, in the face of peril and struggles, many people turn to faith. In the novel, Mandel portrays faith as offering many of the same values of art: it provides purpose and community, and injects continuity and permanence into a terrifying, changing world.

Who is the most important character in Station Eleven?

Dr. Eleven. The main character in Miranda’s graphic novel who lives on Station Eleven.

What does the airplane symbolize in Station Eleven?

In the Severn City Airport, airplanes still symbolize civilization and its collapse, existing now only as repurposed homes or dark places for teenagers to sneak off to. But during and immediately following the collapse they also take on a symbolism of hope and despair.

What does the snow symbolism in Station Eleven?

Snow is a symbol of purity. Snow was used in the novel in times of post disease. It’s white cloak wraps the city in perfection. This has positive connotations as generally people are very excited when there is snow.

What do the knife tattoos mean in Station Eleven?

He asks for her opinion on how the world has changed in her lifetime, and she replies that her first thought is now of killing. She shows him her two knife tattoos, indicating that she has killed two people.

Is Arthur the main character in Station Eleven?

In Station Eleven by Emily St. John Mandel we meet Arthur Lender on the first line. ILL try to prove in this essay how the main character in the novel is Arthur Lender and how his life impacted each of the other characters. I’ll show that he impacted each character not only a physical aspect but also a mental aspect.

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