How long is Wonder audiobook?

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Listening Length8 hours and 5 minutes
Program TypeAudiobook

Is Wonder available on Audible?

Wonder by R. J. Palacio – Audiobook –

Is Wonder a good read aloud?

Wonder would make an excellent class read aloud, especially in preparation for a field trip to the cinema! It’s sure to spark conversations, particularly when it comes to examining how we treat others.

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What age should kids read Wonder?

“Wonder,” R.J. Palacio’s debut novel, was written for children 8 to 12 years old, but its message defies genres. Published in 2012, its anti-bullying, pro-acceptance message will resonate with teenagers and even adults as well.

Is Wonder book appropriate for 7 year old?

The suggested age level is 8-12 years old and the grade level is 3-7.

What level of reading is Wonder?

The lexile rating for the book is 790 L, but it is recommended for 5th-7th grades. The book’s themes, involving adolescent issues, middle school, disabilities, friends and friendship are relevant to sixth grade. These themes are also high interest for many middle school age students.

Is Wonder good for 12 year olds?

If you are going to watch this as a family I suggest a 10 or above age. Not because there is much inappropriate, but because, my kids at least, aren’t into stories with depth yet.

Is the book Wonder sad?

This book gives a realistic look at the frankly brutal reality that is a hugely hushed topic in childrens books. Wonder is about something that we don’t like to talk about because it is so rare and so sad.

What disorder does Wonder have?

They play out in the experiences of the movie’s main character, August “Auggie” Pullman, a 10-year-old boy born with a facial difference he refers to as mandibulofacial dystosis, more commonly known as Treacher Collins syndrome. It is a genetic disorder that most often affects the cheek bones, jaw, chin, and ears.

What disability does Wonder have?

Wonder (2017) is a movie based off of a book originally written by R.J. Palacio. It’s about a young boy, Auggie Pullman, who has a cranio-facial condition, and has gone through 27 different surgeries. Auggie is transitioning from being home-schooled to going to public school as he approaches the fifth grade.

Why is Julian a bully in Wonder?

Overall, his mother, Melissa was the real influence for Julian to oppose Auggie and Mr. Tushman. Although Jullian hated Auggie, he doesn’t want him being attacked, killed, or assaulted. Eventually Julian confessed for being a bully and apologized to Auggie for his cruelty.

Why did Auggie cut off his braid in Wonder?

In Star Wars, Padawan’s cut off their braids when they become official Jedi Knights, so we can also see Auggie’s decision to cut off his braid as symbolic of him coming into his own. He is ready to find his place in the world. And middle school is where this next leg of his journey begins.

Why did Jack will punch Julian?

Why did Jack punch Julian right in the mouth? Jack punched Julian because Julian tried to get Ms. Rubin to change Jack’s science fair partner from August to himself, so Jack “doesn’t have to be friends with that freak”.

Why does August wear a helmet in Wonder?

The helmet is symbolic of Auggie wanting to hide himself away from the world so that he doesn’t get hurt by people’s looks or words. He later discovers that his father threw the helmet away (they all thought it had been lost) because he didn’t like Auggie hiding who he was.

Is August Pullman a boy?

R.J. Palacio’s 2012 book, “Wonder,” tells the story of 10-year-old Auggie Pullman, a fictional boy with facial differences, and his experiences in everyday life dealing with the condition. The book was inspired by a real-life encounter Palacio had with a child who had a craniofacial disorder.

Who does summer have a crush on in Wonder?

On Halloween, Summer dresses up as a goth girl but doesn’t see August. Later that night, she goes to a Halloween party and meets Savanna and the rest of the popular kids. They tell her to stop befriending August and start dating Julian, as Julian really likes her.

Who betrayed August in Wonder?

So why does Jack betray Auggie by talking badly behind his back? How does Auggie feel when he hears what Jack has said? At the same time Auggie is experiencing betrayal by his friend, Via is also feeling betrayed by her two best friends, Miranda and Ella.

Why is Julian so mean to Auggie?

Julian was afraid of Auggie, but he didn’t know quite how to articulate it. He didn’t get the help he needed. That’s at the root of his hostility.

What did Via say to Auggie?

She informs Auggie that everyone hates school sometimes, that she even occasionally hates school and has bad days. Auggie asks her if people go out of their way to avoid touching her, and Via wisely responds by saying, “Don’t compare your bad days at school to mine” (2.

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