Is Dragonwatch Book 5 on audible? Return of the Dragon Slayers: Dragonwatch, Book 5 (Audible Audio Edition): Brandon Mull, Kirby Heyborne, Shadow Mountain: Audible Books & Originals.

Is Return of the Dragon Slayers on audible?

Return of the Dragon Slayers by Brandon Mull – Audiobook –

Will there be a Dragonwatch Book 6?

This new book is the 5th and final volume in Dragonwatch, and serves as the 10th and final volume in the Fablehaven adventure. Brandon Mull’s newest book Dragonwatch: Return of the Dragon Slayers will be available for sale on October 26, 2021.

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Who is the traitor in Fablehaven 5?

Vanessa Santoro

She is presented as a keeper of magical creatures. She is a Knight of the Dawn, and helps fellow knights Coulter and Tanu with their efforts to find the secret artifact hidden at Fablehaven, until she is revealed as a narcoblix and traitor.

Who is the Sphinx in Fablehaven?

The Sphinx, also known as Rhodes, is a powerful man in the Fablehaven Series. He is very old, having lived many centuries, and his life and motives are shrouded in secrecy. He survived for years by drinking from the Font of Immortality every week.

Is there a 6th Fablehaven book?

Fablehaven: Keys to the Demon Prison

The final book in the series has the Sorenson siblings traveling to different preserves around the earth in the attempt to secure the remaining magical artifacts before the Society gets them.

Is Brandon mulls Dragonwatch over?

Dragonwatch is a sequel series to Fablehaven that spans 5 books. Books 1, 2, and 3 were released March 2017, October 2018, and October 2019 respectively, book 4 was released October 2020; book 5 was released in October 2021.

Is Dragonwatch the end of Fablehaven?

Dragonwatch is the sequel series to Fablehaven, it’s first book was released March 14th, 2017. Kendra and Seth Sorenson are back, along with a few other main characters, and the first book features Wyrmroost.

Is the fablehaven series over?

But all good things must come to an end, and the end is indeed nigh for Fablehaven. This Tuesday, the fifth and final book in the series, “Keys to the Demon Prison,” will hit bookstores. Fablehaven is one of five disguised preserves for fairies, satyrs and other magical creatures.

How old are Kendra and Seth?

DRAGONWATCH returns Kendra, 15, and her brother, Seth, 13, to Fablehaven, the secret sanctuary for magical creatures overseen by their grandparents. All seems peaceful, but they soon learn trouble is brewing among the dragons.

Is there a movie about Fablehaven?

In 2012, Clark Schaffer, owner of Schaffer Studios, bought the rights to the upcoming film series. Author Brandon Mull teamed up with them along with distributor Warner Bros.

How old should you be to read Fablehaven?

1) Fablehaven is for everyone (all ages).

Is there romance in Fablehaven?

Yes, they do have a little romance, just a little. And yes, they are funny, at some points of the book.

What are the kids names in Fablehaven?

Brandon Mull’s New York Times bestselling series about siblings Seth and Kendra who discover their grandparents are the caretakers of a sanctuary for magical creatures! For centuries mystical creatures of all description were gathered into a hidden refuge called Fablehaven to prevent their extinction.

What powers does Kendra have in Fablehaven?

Powers and Abilities
  • Living Reservoir of Magical Energy: Kendra is a living and walking reservoir of magical energy, and can recharge magical objects or even creatures that are Fairy in nature with a touch.
  • Night Vision: Kendra can see in the dark because she radiates light.

What does Bracken look like in Fablehaven?

In his natural shape of a unicorn, Bracken was a strong, pure white stallion with a lustrous horn.

Is Gavin a Navarog?

Gavin Rose was a Knight of the Dawn, inducted into the group at the same time as Kendra. He appeared to be a fairly mild-manner young man with a stutter but was, in reality, the Dragon Prince Navarog.

Who does Kendra end up with Fablehaven?

At the very-very end of Fablehaven, Kendra and Seth’s parents return from their cruise looking like over-stuffed turkeys, and they all go home together.

Is Gavin a dragon Fablehaven?

Later on in the book, while surrounded by dragons, Gavin transformed into his true dragon form, ate Dougan, and knocked Mara off a cliff while Kendra watched, frozen by the strong magical fear he exuded.

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