Is HD58X Soundstage good?

Do I need amp for HD58X?

The HD58X offer amazing features and absolute sound quality. However, headphones all alone cannot handle so much power, and this is why the amplifiers come into place.

What is HD58X?

The Sennheiser HD 58X Jubilee are great sounding open-back headphones. They are a collaboration between Sennheiser and Massdrop and can only be purchased on the Drop website. They are very similar to other Sennheiser models like the Sennheiser HD 600 and the Sennheiser HD 650.

Does 58X come with cable?

So, to summarize, in the box, you’ll get: The headphones themselves. 1 6′ long 3.5mm detachable cable.

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Are the Sennheiser HD58X good?

The Massdrop x Sennheiser HD 58X Jubilee is an excellent pair of open-back headphones for audiophiles and studio workers. The lightweight build, classic open-back Sennheiser design, and sound quality more than compensate for all of the nitpicks.

Where are 58X made?

Surprised me when I saw the made in Romania tag on the box. Within standard unit of measuring deviation and sample variation.

Is the 58X the 660s?

The Sennheiser HD 58X Jubilee are slightly better critical listening open-back headphones than the Sennheiser HD 660 S. Their low-bass is slightly better and doesn’t roll-off as much as the HD 660 S’. On the other hand, some may find the HD 58X Jubilee to be very tight and not as comfortable as the HD 660 S.

Where are HD6XX made?

SOLD: FS: Sennheiser HD6XX – made in Ireland.

Where are HD650 made?

From what I’ve read (can’t find the link), the headphone structure (made primarily of plastic) is manufactured in Romania, but as for the other parts, they’re just sent to Romania for assembly. The drivers are not manufactured in Romania, they’re still the exact same drivers. So yes, it’s basically the same headphone.

Why is HD650 so good?

Comfort / Isolation

Comfort is good on HD650, and you do get the advantage of having a softer clamping force but a very comfortable padding. The top headband padding does a good job at distributing the weight of the headphones on the head, while the pads are large and provide enough depth for your ears to rest well.

Are the HD650 good?

Sennheiser HD 650 are pretty much the most neutral headphones available on the market. However, their sub-bass response is lacking (frequencies below 100 Hz) and high-mids (around 2-5 kHz) need to be tweaked a bit. Otherwise, they are pretty much good to go straight out of the box.

Is HD650 muddy?

Even out of the best setups I’ve used, the HD650 still has slightly muddy bass, treble grain, and this distinct lack of resolution that makes it clear that this headphone, while great, is limited.

Are HD650 and HD6XX the same?

The Sennheiser HD 6XX are a revision of the Sennheiser HD 650 that are only available through the Drop website. There hasn’t been a change in driver structure, and both headphones sound fairly neutral. However, the HD 6XX have a more consistent audio delivery, most likely due to their higher clamping force.

Which Sennheiser headphones are made in Ireland?

We build the IE 900 at our state-of-the-art audiophile manufacturing plant in Ireland.

Where are hd600s made?

A new 2019 updated design is available for the HD600 : the kitchen countertop is gone and they are now made in Romania. They are very comfortable though clamping force can be strong on a brand new unit. The HD600 has many competitors, some of them being around for a long time, like the Beyerdynamic DT880 or AKG K701.

Is the HD6XX worth it?

For anyone looking to get into the world of high-end audio, the Sennheiser HD 6XX is an excellent entry point. Not only is it more affordable than the legendary Sennheiser HD 650 that it’s based off of, it also provides an incredibly similar performance as well.

Is 6XX better than 600?

Side-by-Side Comparison

The Sennheiser HD 600 and the Sennheiser HD 6XX are open-back headphones with similar overall performances, and they’re both great for neutral sound. The HD 6XX have a more consistent audio delivery across different listeners. However, the HD 600 are more stable.

How comfortable are HD6XX?

Sounds like you’d like the Sennheiser HD6XX, it’s really comfortable, quite big pads, and the sound is very non-fatiguing, it has some bass but it never gets to a point where it’s too much, the treble is detailed but not fatiguing at all, and the mids are *great*.

Can you run HD6XX without amp?

You need an amp regardless, as with all HD6XX headphones. The impedance of the HD6XX is 300 Ohms, which is a very high amount. If you do not want to buy an amp, consider downgrading to the HD598, which has an impedance of 50 Ohms, which can function well even without an amp.

Do I need a DAC or amp for HD6XX?

But overall, no, the HD 6xx does not require a mandatory amp. An amp might be a good upgrade down the road, but if you’re planning on buying these headphones, I recommend trying them without an Amp first to see if they are sufficiently loud.

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