Is HyperX Cloud Alpha worth it?

Bottom Line. The HyperX Cloud Alpha S is a gorgeous headset that unfortunately doesn’t offer enough to distinguish itself from its predecessor. If you’ve already got the original Cloud Alpha, there’s no reason to upgrade to this version. Otherwise, it’s an okay purchase.

Is HyperX better than Turtle Beach?

While both headphones have impressive microphones, the HyperX have a much better-balanced sound profile. They’re also a lot more comfortable and feel much better-built.

Are Hyper X headset mics good?

HyperX makes mostly wired gaming headsets with excellent microphones and sturdy build quality. They’re affordable, tend to sound moderately well-balanced, and their wired models offer a great low-latency gaming experience.

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Is HyperX or blue yeti better?

The Blue Yeti and HyperX QuadCast are both very natural sounding microphones. In a sound-treated studio environment, the Blue Yeti can excel because it picks up more nuances in a recording. This also make the Blue Yeti the better choice for music.

Is HyperX better than Sony?

The HyperX Cloud Alpha are better wireless gaming headphones than the Sony INZONE H3. The HyperX headphones are more comfortable, better-built, and have a more neutral sound profile, which some users may prefer.

Are HyperX mice good?

The HyperX Pulsefire Haste is an excellent gaming mouse with a honeycomb body that makes it very lightweight. It feels well-built and durable and has a comfortable design that’s suitable for most hand sizes using any grip style. It also comes with extra grip tape for those who want a better hold.

Does the HyperX Cloud 2 mic sound good?

Overall, barring the underwhelming surround sound, the HyperX Cloud II’s overall sound quality is still pretty decent. It’s one of the most detailed and loudest ones you can get out there and we can thank the 53mm drivers for that.

Is HyperX microphone good for music?

The mic for streaming in style. The HyperX QuadCast S is a sleek, clear-sounding USB gaming microphone with a mesmerizing light show. While its lack of portability and subpar internal pop filter detract a bit from its value, it is overall a very good microphone that comes with a two-year defective warranty.

Does the HyperX Quadcast sound good?

Review: HyperX Quadcast S. Great looks and good sound make this USB microphone a favorite for new and veteran Twitch streamers alike. For a time, if you were looking for a USB mic to start a podcast, stream on Twitch, or even just have better Zoom calls, the only name anyone would utter was Blue Yeti.

Which is better blue yeti or QuadCast?

While the QuadCast has a more accessible gain dial on the bottom and a mute touch button, the Blue Yeti has better access to most of the knobs and the 3.5 headphone jack than the QuadCast.

Which is the best microphone?

  1. Blue Yeti X. Best Microphone for Streaming.
  2. HyperX SoloCast. Best Budget Microphone for Streaming.
  3. Shure MV7. Best Higher-End Microphone for Streaming.
  4. HyperX QuadCast S. Best Microphone for Gaming.
  5. Rode PodMic. Best Microphone for Podcasting.
  6. Elgato Wave 3.
  7. PowerDeWise Lavalier Microphone.

Do I need a pop filter for HyperX QuadCast?

You do not need a pop filter with the HyperX QuadCast. There’s a foam-like material immediately beyond the grill that does a decent job of breaking up the pressure spikes associated with plosive sounds (p, pf, etc.)

Does pop filter make mic quieter?

Do streamers use pop filter?

Although quality pop filters (when positioned correctly) will improve vocal clarity due to plosive reduction, they are certainly not required for live streaming. Pop filters can be bulky and hinder the view of the streamer (and the audience if the streamer is on camera).

Should pop filter be touching mic?

For optimal results, mount the pop screen at least 10 cm (4 inches) away from the mic. It’s also a good idea to angle the pop screen slightly; this way you avoid sound reflections bouncing between the capsule and the pop screen.

Can you damage a mic by blowing into it?

In most cases, blowing a stream of air into a microphone will not damage the microphone, but in the rare case, might damage the loudspeaker. We suggest saying “Test 1,2,3” as a safer alternative. However, never test a ribbon microphone by blowing into it as the stream of air might stretch or rip the fragile ribbon.

When should you not use a pop filter?

A pop filter is necessary when recording a voice directly in front of a microphone. It stops plosives (rushes of air due to ‘p’ and ‘b’ sounds) from reaching the mic. Pop filters are not necessary for live music use, or if the voice is to the side of the mic or a significant distance away from it.

Should I cover my mic when not in use?

Always keep your mic in a plastic bag when not in use. Any plastic bag will stop airborne dust and foam particles from windscreens and storage boxes from settling on the capsule. Put a plastic bag over the mic when you are not working, and always bag the mic before storing it in its case.

Can screaming into a mic break it?

Mics can handle high levels of sound pressure; therefore, yelling or screaming into your mic will not damage or break it; however, the diaphragms of mics can not tolerate air blasts, for example, vocal plosives.

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