Is Seedfolks appropriate?

There is nothing scary or inappropriate in Seedfolks, which is recommended for ages 8 and older.

Is Seedfolks realistic fiction?

Seedfolks by Paul Fleischman, illustrated by Judy Pedersen. Scholastic, New York, 1999 (first published HarperCollins 1997). Adult realistic fiction, 69 pages. Lexile: 710L .

What is Seedfolks main message?

Unit Topic/Content Seedfolks by Paul Fleischman tells how a community garden helps solidify a community and brings people of various ages, cultures, and ethnicities together for a common purpose—bettering themselves and their neighborhood.

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What is Nora ethnicity in Seedfolks?

Nora is a British nurse and one of the novel’s narrators; she cares for Mr.

Why is it called Seedfolks?

Author Paul Fleischman coined the term seedfolks to describe ordinary people whose lives are connected by a community garden.

Is Virgil in Seedfolks a girl?

Virgil – Haitian fifth grade girl, her father plants lettuce to sell to restaurants, he tells lies to defend the large size of his garden plot. 8. Sae Young – Korean woman who owned a dry cleaning shop, got robbed and beaten and becomes recluse, lured out by the garden and rejoins the community.

What gender is Virgil from Seedfolks?

Virgil is a boy–though in my stage version he got changed into a girl to help balance the genders in the cast.

Is Curtis from Seedfolks black?

Curtis is a young Black man in his late 20s and one of the novel’s narrators. He’s muscular, handsome, and constantly attracts attention from women because of this. Curtis comes to the community garden to grow tomatoes with the hope of winning back his ex-girlfriend, Lateesha.

How old is Leona Seedfolks?

Chapter 5: Leona

What is her age? (40-ish). What is her ethnicity (African-American). What is her contribution? (She plants golden rod. She gets the city to clean up the vacant lot).

What race is Wendell from Seedfolks?

Wendell is an older white man and one of the novel’s narrators. He works as a janitor at a local school.

What race is Kim from Seedfolks?

Seedfolks by paul fleischman. Kim is a little 9 year old Vietnamese girl. She is the 1st in the garden and begins the community garden.

Is there a Seedfolks movie?

Seedfolks (Short 2021) – IMDb.

How old is Ana from Seedfolks?

Ana implies that illicit activity isn’t unusual in this neighborhood, even for a girl of nine. But it’s also worth keeping in mind that in her work for the police department, Ana would’ve only been exposed to the stories of kids who were getting in trouble.

What is Amir’s ethnicity in Seedfolks?

Amir—an Indian man who lives with his wife and son—grows a ton of veggies. But the ones that make him really famous are his eggplants. These bad boys become so purple that they stand out among all the other plants in the community garden.

Who is Amir jealous?

Amir envies Hassan when his father shows him affection in the form of attention and gifts. For example, Amir displays his envy toward Hassan when he says, ”I’d change my mind and ask for a bigger and fancier kite, Baba would buy it for me—but then he’d buy it for Hassan too. Sometimes I wish he wouldn’t do that.

Does Amir blame himself for his mother’s death?

Amir also carries guilt over the death of his mother, believing that the distance he feels between himself and his father is due to Baba blaming him for her death.

How old is Sam Seedfolks?

You see, Sam is a seventy-eight year old Jewish man who just wants everyone to get along. He’s spent his whole life doing jobs to bring people together, and now he wants to make some cross-cultural friendships happen in the Cleveland community garden, too.

What can’t Tio Juan do?

He’s unable to do anything for himself since he doesn’t speak English (nor does he speak Spanish; he speaks an “Indian language” that only Gonzalo’s mother speaks), and everything about big-city life is foreign to him as a retired farmer.

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