Is the Jade City audiobook good?

I highly recommend the Jade City audiobook. Anyone looking for a powerful modern fantasy novel/audiobook that embraces magic, modernity, and humanity, this is the story for you. Fonda Lee wrote a kick-ass book and Andrew Kishino knocked the narration out of the park.

Is the Bunce family still mining?

In 2019, Day delivered an eviction notice to the Bunce family and asked them to cease operations.

Are there LGBT characters in Jade City?

It’s the last, the cousin, who is the gay character. If there is a hierarchy among the 4 characters above, he is definitely fourth, but still plays a major and critical role in the story, with multiple chapters from his point of view. And his sexuality is a relatively minor aspect of his character.

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What culture is Jade City based on?

One reviewer described Kekon as “an analog of mid-20th-century Hong Kong” although Lee has alluded to the setting being inspired by Asia more generally, stating that Kekon is not “Hong Kong or Taiwan or Japan or China or any of those places.” She has stated that one of her goals for the novel was to “write an epic

What age is Jade City for?

I’d probably say it’s good for anyone older than 15, but keep in mind this book is targeted for a more mature, adult audience. There are similar books in this genre that are YA and may be more suitable to a younger audience!

Is there a love story in Jade City?

The ONLY thing that brought this book down for me, was the lack of romance. There were a few times I had a glimpse and thought “Here’s one!” and then was left disappointed because it didn’t go anywhere or one of the characters was killed off!

Is Jade City Cancelled?

In April 2021, Jade Fever became available to stream on The series was cancelled in July 2021.
Jade Fever
Production locationsJade City and the Turnagain River basin of British Columbia
Running time30 minutes
Original networkDiscovery Canada

Is Jade Legacy LGBT?

Character Information

Jade is a bisexual character from Legacies.

What time period is Jade City set in?

The time period seems to be sometime around the 1970s. People use typewriters, pay phones, guns and cars, and yet everything else about this world is unfamiliar.

Is Jade City going to be a movie?

The show was set to focus on the first novel in the Green Bone Saga, titled Jade City. News of the adaptation broke back in 2020. “Sad to share that after years in development, Peacock has decided not to move forward with the TV show of Jade City,” book author Fonda Lee (opens in new tab) shared on Twitter.

Is Jade City for adults?

Jade City begins an epic tale of family, honor, and those who live and die by the ancient laws of jade and blood. Available from Orbit Books. Suitable for adult readers.

Is Jade City still open?


Is scrappy Larry still alive?

Laurence Elroy “Scrappy” Blumer (May 31, 1917 – October 23, 1997) was an American pilot in the United States Army Air Forces during World War II.

Scrappy Blumer.

Laurence Elroy Blumer
Nickname(s)“Larry”, “Scrappy”
BornMay 31, 1917 Walcott, North Dakota
DiedOctober 23, 1997 (aged 80) Springfield, Oregon

Can you visit Jade City?

In Jade City you will find free overnight RV parking, accommodation, guided hikes and nature walks, native art shop, jade gallery and mining exhibits. A 10-km drive west off the highway leads to the ghost town of Cassiar.

Is Jade City real?

Jade City is a “spot on the road” in northwestern British Columbia, Canada, near the Yukon, located on Highway 37, west of Good Hope Lake and close to Cassiar, in the Cassiar Highlands. The region around Jade City is rich with serpentinite (a jade precursor), greenstone (jade look-a-likes), and Nephrite jade.

What’s the population of Jade City?

To navigate, press the arrow keys. Our Two Mile Jade Mine is located near Dease Lake, BC — Our store is in Jade City, 72 miles from Dease Lake and online to best serve our clients around the world. Jade City currently has a population of 25 people and the only two businesses are the Jade Store and the highways company.

Where is Jade City USA?

Jade City is located 71 miles/114 km north of Dease Lake on the Cassiar Highway and 75 miles south of the Alaska Highway junction. The Cassiar Mountain Jade Store acts as the information centre for this area of Cassiar Highway travelers.

Is jade a clone?

Affiliation(s) Maara Jade was a clone of the Human Jedi Master Mara Jade Skywalker. She was cloned by Grand Admiral Thrawn. Thrawn started his spree of cloning by replacing Anakin Solo with Anaakin Solo.

What race is Jade?

Jade (Mortal Kombat)
Motion captureKatalin Zamiar (MKII) Becky Gable (UMK3, MKT, MKA) Brenda Barrie (MK9) Alexis Gaube (MK11)
In-universe information

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