Is The Wheel of Time available as an audiobook?

Where to get The Wheel of Time audiobook? The Rosamund Pike Wheel of Time audiobooks are available on Amazon Audible**,**, and**. The same goes for the Kate Reading and Michael Kramer audio versions: Amazon Audible**,**, and**.

Is The Eye of the World audiobook good?

The most notable series Kramer has narrated in the context of the best fantasy is definitely this series. With Kramers dramatization, rich character diversification and smooth crisp voice you will sink into this series like nothing else before.

Where can I listen to The Wheel of Time audiobook?

Wheel of Time Audiobooks |

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Is there any 15 volumes of book Wheel of Time?

Originally planned as a six-book series, The Wheel of Time spans 14 volumes, in addition to a prequel novel and two companion books.

Where can I listen to Wheel of Time for free?

The Wheel of Time Podcast | Free Listening on Podbean App.

Is Wheel of Time OK for kids?

There are fight scenes in which people and creatures are murdered in graphic nature, with plenty of gore and even intestines depicted. This would likely be too frightening and disturbing for a young audience. As the official rating suggests, we’d say The Wheel of Time is appropriate for teenagers and above.

What happened to Matt cauthon Wheel of Time?

Mat is poisoned somewhere after Rhuidean from being slobbered on by a Darkhound, which Rand kills with balefire (undoing the actual poisoning to a degree and preventing Mat’s death). Mat faces death once more during Rand’s invasion of Caemlyn; he was killed, along with Aviendha and Asmodean, by Rahvin’s channeling.

Who narrates The Wheel of Time audiobook?

MICHAEL KRAMER has narrated over 100 audiobooks for many bestselling authors. He read all of Robert Jordan’s epic Wheel of Time® fantasy-adventure series as well as Brandon Sanderson’s The Stormlight Archive series.

Who is the most powerful in The Wheel of Time books?

Nynaeve is the strongest Aes Sedai. However, among the Light siders, Alivia is far stronger and Sharina will become stronger. I would say that Alivia > Cyndane, instead of both tied at level 20 (Lanfear at 21). Possibly Lanfear and Alivia are equal in OP strength.

What reading level is The Wheel of Time?

The Wot books range anywhere from a sixth grade to an eight grade reading level. Most adult books are written at about a seventh grade level though.

Who are the gypsies in Wheel of Time?

These are the Tuatha ‘an, also called Tinkers, a nomadic people and The Wheel Of Time’s analog for the Roma, or gypsies, of our own world.

Who is the main villain in Wheel of Time?

Dark Lord, a fictional stock character who is a powerful villain with evil henchmen. Dark One (Wheel of Time), the primary antagonist in the Wheel of Time series.

Who is Rand’s wife in Wheel of Time?

Min Farshaw

Min is the second woman to become Rand’s partner and the only one of his paramours who remains by his side at all times. Min’s knowledge of philosophy helps Rand figure out how to face the Dark One, while her love keeps Rand grounded and closer to his humanity.

Why are Moiraine and siuan together?

Judkins says, “In the books, it’s made very clear that Moiraine and Siuan are ‘pillow friends’ at the White Tower, which is code for an intimate relationship. After that, the two of them were the only witnesses to Gitara Moroso’s foretelling of the birth of the Dragon Reborn.

Does Lan sleep with Moiraine?

There was the chaste hot tub scene in the premiere, and now they watch one warder after another follow their Aes Sedai to bed; the show seems to be pointing out that Lan and Moraine are not sleeping together. Why the show would highlight this is anyone’s guess.

What is Moiraine secret?

At the White Tower

In truth, Moiraine was a wilder – her ability to channel manifested itself before she turned sixteen, and outside Aes Sedai guidance. She wisely kept this a secret until she could tell King Laman’s Aes Sedai advisor; said advisor taught her for a short time before sending her to Tar Valon.

Who is Moiraine love interest?

So far, we’ve been privileged to Moiraine’s bond with her Warder, her brilliance as a tactician, and her savvy political maneuverings against fellow Aes Sedai. Revealing her romance with Siuan Sanche made Moiraine a three dimensional figure.

Are Moiraine and Lan married?

Though some Aes Sedai marry their Warders, Moiraine and Lan are not romantically attached, despite their unique closeness.

What happens to Moiraine at the end?

In the end of The Eye of the World, the book, Moiraine gets to be a massive badass. Here, she’s left cut off from the Source and forced to hold Rand in her arms while he battles Ishamael with his mind.

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