Is there a movie for The Sign of the Beaver?

Keeping the Promise is a 1997 historical drama television film based on the children’s novel The Sign of the Beaver by Elizabeth George Speare. The film was released to DVD and VHS on July 25, 2000.

What is the summary of the Sign of the Beaver?

The Sign of the Beaver Summary. This book tells the story of a twelve-year-old boy who is left alone in the wilderness while his father leaves to bring back the rest of his family. He must use skills he learns from the Indians who live nearby in order to survive.

What happens in chapter 16 of Sign of the Beaver?

By Elizabeth George Speare. That afternoon Matt sits in the cabin doorway, wishing he could tell his dad about the bear. This gets him to worrying about his dad, and wondering why he isn’t back yet and whether something bad has happened—Matt hugs himself, but he can’t get rid of the cold in his gut.

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What was Chapter 20 about in Sign of the Beaver?

As chapter twenty begins, we find him waiting eagerly for Attean so that he can, hopefully, return to the village. Days pass and Matt begins to doubt the connections he thought he had formed because Attean has yet to come back to the cabin. After a week, he finally returns and his mood is not good.

What happened in chapter 19 of Sign of the Beaver?

Chapter 19 shows Matt making a lot of progress in his relationship with Attean and the rest of the tribe. Attean’s grandmother, who had been dead set against him in the beginning, invites him to the village. She is impressed with him for making so much effort to save Attean’s dog.

What happened in chapter 18 of Sign of the Beaver?

In chapter 18 of The Sign of the Beaver, Matt uses his training and becomes a brave warrior on his own. Matt rescues Attean’s dog from a trap in the Turtle Clan territory and meets Attean’s sister Marie. He also is able to win over Attean’s grandmother, who doesn’t trust white people.

What is Chapter 13 about in Sign of the Beaver?

In Chapter 13 of The Sign of the Beaver, Attean and Matt stumble upon a fox caught in a painful and cruel leg trap. Matt wants to take get the fox out of the trap, but Attean says that since this part of the forest belongs to another tribe, they cannot.

How did Matt finally win Attean’s respect?

Matt earns Attean’s respect by staying at home to wait for his dad.

What did Matt teach Attean?

One day he is almost killed by a swarm of bees, but is rescued by Chief Saknis, a Penobscot Indian, and his grandson, Attean. To repay Saknis for saving his life, Matt agrees to teach Attean to read English.

What unexpected things did Attean say about Mother?

What unexpected thing did Attean say about his mother? She was killed by the white man.

What gift did Matt Attean?

In return, Matt gives Attean his most precious possession, the silver watch that his father passed down to him.

What did Attean say that touched Matt?

Attean gave Matt a slight smile and said “You move quick like Indian.”

How did Matt know that Attean had found his Manitou?

Matt can tell that Attean has found his manitou, because his head is shaved like an adult male’s and he is carrying a rifle.

What two gifts does Matts father give him before he leaves?

Matt’s father gives him a rifle and a watch. Matt’s father tells Matt to keep track of the passing weeks by making notches on sticks. The watch was the finest thing his father possessed.

What words did the Indian use to introduce himself to Matt?

The Indian comes in and Matt realizes he’s not a weirdo at all—he’s dressed in brown leggings like Matt’s own dad, and other than a topknot, he’s clean-shaven. He smiles at Matt when he sees he’s awake. The man introduces himself as “Saknis, family of beaver” (6.5), and Matt tells him his full name: Matthew Hallowell.

Why does Matts father leave him alone in the wilderness?

Harriette He leave him so that the cabin will be kept safe and not be “claimed” by someone else. In the wilderness there was no police force. Matt’s father is getting the rest of the family and their possessions to join Matt for good.

What Did Matt make for his mother?

Matt begins making gifts for his family: wooden dishes for Mom, a cradle for the baby, and a cornhusk doll for Sarah. He gets to thinking about Sarah, and he feels sad that she won’t get to meet Attean’s sister. He realizes they are a lot alike.

Is Ed from Matt’s off road recovery Matts dad?

Ed Robbins, Matt’s father, joined his wife, and they made the long drive from Auburn. Bracing themselves for the worst, they walked into the hospital in Chico. A crowd of nearly 50 people were already there waiting—including some of Matt’s ward members, his coach, and many from the ball team.

How many kids does Matt from Matt’s recovery have?

He has been married for 17 years and has 8 kids.

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