Is three-body problem good audiobook?

Does audible have 3 body problems?

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How long is The Three-Body Problem audiobook?

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Listening Length13 hours and 26 minutes
PublisherMacmillan Audio
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Is Netflix making The Three-Body Problem?

Netflix has wrapped filming on its ambitious new sci-fi adaptation series of Liu Cixin’s The Three-Body Problem trilogy, led by True Blood’s Alexander Woo and Game of Thrones writers David Benioff and D. B. Weiss. Here’s everything we know about the series coming in 2023 as of October 2022.

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Will The Three-Body Problem ever be solved?

There is no general closed-form solution to the three-body problem, meaning there is no general solution that can be expressed in terms of a finite number of standard mathematical operations. Moreover, the motion of three bodies is generally non-repeating, except in special cases.

Is The Three-Body Problem difficult?

This book has earned great prestige within western sci-fi circles but will be challenging for most western sci-fi readers. It’s practically the definition of a difficult book.

Why is The Three-Body Problem so hard?

The three body problem is concerned with finding the equations of motion of three gravitating bodies influencing each other. It hard to solve because of mathemtical complexity. The branch of science that describes the natural world around us is Physics.

What is the message of The Three-Body Problem?

The Three-Body Problem trilogy was very well-written, and I’m glad I read it. But I hate the message it conveys, which is roughly: “Humanity is a fragile leaf floating on the wind, helpless in the face of vast cosmic forces that we cannot even comprehend, let alone control.”

Why is The Three-Body Problem important?

The fundamental problem is to predict the motions of three bodies (such as stars or planets) mutually attracted by gravity, given their initial positions and velocities. It turns out that a general solution to the problem is essentially impossible due to chaotic dynamics, which Henri Poincaré discovered in 1890.

What happens to humanity in The Three-Body Problem?

In the beginning of Liu Cixin’s The Three-Body Problem, humanity faced off against itself. By the end, that division made room for a new enemy from another world. It is, as the novel states, sunset for humanity and for The Three-Body Problem.

What happens to Wang Miao?

Wang Miao is the star of the show for the entire of Three Body Problem, and simply vanishes from the set of The Dark Forest. He doesn’t die, retire or become otherwise incapacitated. He simply isn’t relevant any more.

Is there a sequel to The Three-Body Problem?

It is the first novel of the Remembrance of Earth’s Past (Chinese: 地球往事) trilogy, but the whole series is often referred to as The Three-Body Problem. The trilogy’s second and third novels are The Dark Forest and Death’s End, respectively.

Who is the protagonist in three-body problem?

Wang Miao: Wang is tasked with investigating the recent suicides of famous scientists. He learns of a virtual reality game called Three Body and moves up in levels until he is recruited into the ETO.

What is a Sophon?

A sophon is a fictional proton-sized supercomputer from The Three-Body Problem that is sent by an alien civilization to halt scientific progress on Earth. It’s capable of causing strange phenomena—such as inscribing flashing words on the retinas of elite scientists.

Why was Luo Ji chosen as Wallfacer?

Luo Ji has no idea why he was chosen as a Wallfacer, has no real plan, basically winging it throughout the novel – and yet for some mysterious reason, the Tri-solarians are determined to kill him at all costs.

What is a Wallfacer?

The Wallfacers were four individuals assigned by the United Nations to enact the Wallfacer Project, which was a defense project enacted by the United Nations in an attempt to stop the Trisolaran invasion of Earth.

How far is Trisolaris from Earth?

This technology is created and utilized by the alien Trisolaris civilization, and allows them to interact with Earth in real-time, despite being located 4 light-years away.

How long would it take to get to Centauri?

Alpha Centauri is 4.4 light-years away, or nearly 40 trillion kilometers. The fastest spacecraft so far launched into space, the NASA-Germany Helios probes, traveled at 250,000 kilometers per hour. At that speed, it would take the probes 18,000 years to reach the nearest star to the sun.

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