Is Touching Spirit Bear true?

In its most simple definition, Touching Spirit Bear is considered realistic fiction. Because it is not a true story, the novel is typical fiction, and because the events of the novel could happen to any person, it is also realistic.

What is the reading level of Touching Spirit Bear?

Touching Spirit Bear | Mikaelsen, Ben | Lexile & Reading Level: 670.

Why Touching Spirit Bear is a good book?

Touching Spirit Bear is the wonderful story of 15-year-old Cole Matthews – his self-healing through the Circle Justice program, encounters with the giant ‘Spirit Bear’, the valuable lessons on managing his anger and rage, and finally taking personal responsibility.

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Why is Cole in jail in Touching Spirit Bear?

Cole Matthews is a teenage delinquent who is in huge trouble for beating up a kid named Peter Driscal. He’s supposed to go to jail, but his parole officer, Garvey, somehow gets him into this program called Circle Justice, which is a Native American form of justice that emphasizes healing rather than punishment.

Why does Cole spit at the bear in Touching Spirit Bear?

A twig snaps, and Cole looks up to see Spirit Bear yet again. He doesn’t know what’s going to happen, but he spits at the bear to show him that he won’t be afraid.

What did Cole realize after the bear attacked him?

Cole is surprised to realize he’s not terrified—he knows he’ll fight if the bear tries to kill him, but he also knows that if he dies, he’s ready.

Why does Cole have a nightmare about being a baby bird in a nest with a storm raging outside?

1. In Chapter 12 of Touching Spirit Bear, why does Cole have a nightmare about being a baby bird in a nest with a storm raging outside? In Chapter 9, lightning struck down a tree that contained a nest of baby birds, and Cole empathizes with the fragile nature of their existence.

Why does Cole keep the handful of the bear’s hair?

Why does Cole save the handful of the bear’s hair after the mauling? Cole believes that taking part of the bear will give him strength. Cole keeps the hair as a reminder of his own foolishness. The hair gives him a sense of power and proves that he fought the bear.

What is the first mistake that Cole finally admits to?

Q. What is the first mistake Cole admits to? Beating up Peter was a mistake.

What does at Oow mean?

At. oow are the most prized possessions of a clan. At. oow is literally translated as “an owned or purchased object” and can refer to land or sacred sites, celestial bodies such as the moon and sun, names, stories, songs, spirits and crests. The rights to these objects or a clan’s at.

Why was Cole banished to the island?

Cole was first banished to this island after his anger issues led to him severely injure a fellow student, but a near-fatal encounter with the white Spirit Bear sent Cole home.

Why does Cole cry himself to sleep?

Winter starts approaching and Cole eventually has to give up his morning soaks in the pond and carrying the ancestor rock because it becomes too darn cold. Being confined to the cabin gives Cole time to do his schoolwork, but it also makes him feel his loneliness more acutely; sometimes he cries himself to sleep.

What kind of demon is Cole?

Early Life. Cole was born as a half-demon to the demon Elizabeth and the mortal Benjamin Turner in the late nineteenth century. His mother killed his father and she raised him demonically. As an adult, Cole became a powerful upper-level demon known as Belthazor while assuming his demonic form.

Why did Phoebe not end up with Cole?

The relationship ended when Cole was possessed by The Source of All Evil. Phoebe briefly joined him as Queen of the Underworld, but ultimately joined her sisters in vanquishing him. After coming back from the Demonic Wasteland, Cole tried countless times to get Phoebe back, to no avail.

Why is Phoebe wearing a wig?

Producers thought her real-life hair was too short for the character of Phoebe.

Who is the father of Phoebe baby?

Kyle arrives and they all go to the hospital together. All three are shellshocked when they find out that Kyle is the father – Ash especially. A distressed Ash soon tells Phoebe that he’s out, leaving her alone and in tears.

Why did Phoebe get pregnant?

Phoebe had agreed to be a surrogate for her brother Frank Jr. and his wife, Leslie, when the couple found out that they couldn’t conceive naturally. In the show’s 100th episode, she gave birth to triplets, reducing the cast (and us) to tears. That was over 20 years ago and now the triplets – Frank Jr.

Why is the triplets named Chandler?

Chandler Buffay is the youngest daughter and last child of Frank Buffay Jr. and Alice Knight, named after Chandler Bing when she was thought to be a boy and her parents allowed Phoebe the chance to name one of the triplets.

Why did Phoebe always wear dresses?

The fashion look of Phoebe personified her personality

To keep things consistent, Phoebe’s Bohemian lifestyle meant usually wearing long dresses and skirts. During the ’90s, the Hippie styles of the late ’60s/early ’70s had a bit of a comeback anyway, making Phoebe’s style fairly hip at the time.

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