What reading level is Steelheart?

Steelheart | Sanderson, Brandon | Lexile & Reading Level: 680.

What is the message of Steelheart?

The main theme of Steelheart is mainly David’s quest for revenge, but the novel also addresses the idea that power corrupts (quite literally, in this case). Although the setting is a post-apocalyptic Chicago, Sanderson emphasizes hope and perseverance.

Is Steelheart in the Cosmere?

It is the first novel in The Reckoners series, which is not part of the cosmere.

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Is the Reckoners series over?

I have finished the second draft of Calamity, the third and final book of the Reckoners trilogy. As I’ve said before, my second draft of a story is the one where I do “bug fixing.” Essentially, I read through again and tweak any problems I know the book has, trying to make it readable by my editor.

What happens in the book Steelheart?

The story is told through the perspective of David, an orphaned teenager living in Newcago (formerly known as Chicago). Newcago is ruled by the extremely powerful Epic named Steelheart, who has created a society run by other powerful Epics, with normal people living with normal jobs.

How many books will be in the Reckoners series?

The Reckoners is a series of young adult superhero novels written by American author Brandon Sanderson. The series consists of Steelheart (2013), Firefight (2015), Calamity (2016) and Lux (2021).

Is Steelheart a dystopian novel?

It is dystopian, set in a futuristic Chicago, but that’s as far as my expectations got me. I was sucked into the world Sanderson created almost right away and completely fascinated by his Epics, ordinary men that started developing superhero-like qualities.

What age group is Steelheart for?

Ages 12–up.

Is there a Steelheart movie?

Steelheart is a 1921 American silent Western film directed by William Duncan and starring Duncan, Edith Johnson and Jack Curtis.

What is David’s power in Steelheart?

Epic PowersEdit

Steel Transversion: Assumedly like Steelheart, David can spontaneously transform non-living matter around him to solid steel, spreading out from him in a sphere. Steel and iron have the ability to “insulate” against the transfersion, but other metals are transformed to steel.

How old is Megan in Steelheart?

The two have several more encounters over the course of the book. David tries to persuade Megan to reveal herself to the Reckoners, believing that he can reason with Prof and Tia, but Megan refuses.
Megan Tarash
Born~19 years before Steelheart

Who is the most powerful epic in The Reckoners?

Calamity is the highest of Epics. He has all the powers, and knows each intricately. Calamity also is a gifter, which allows him to gift some of his powers to people, creating Epics. The Reckoners attempted to kill Calling War, but failed and barely managed to escape using tensors.

What is Obliterations weakness?

It is unknown what Obliteration’s weakness is. However, he overcame his weakness five years after Calamity rose. Obliteration is nearsighted, but not nearly bad enough for it to be considered a true weakness.

What was Profs weakness The Reckoners?

Prof’s weakness is failure, and the risk of it. This can be seen as he refused to enter a contest pre-Calamity and his reluctance to use his abilities in Steelheart, instead gifting them to others.

What is Megan’s weakness?

Megan’s weakness is fear of death by fire. This resulted when she nearly died when her home was burned down.

How was Steelheart killed?

When Steelheart fired the gun, the detonator was triggered, setting off explosives the Reckoners had planted under the ground. Because Steelheart did not fear himself, and the detonator was triggered by his own action, the explosion killed him.

Is Steelheart in the Cosmere?

It is the first novel in The Reckoners series, which is not part of the cosmere.

Is Calamity the last Reckoners book?

Calamity is the third and final book in The Reckoners series by Brandon Sanderson. It takes place in Atlanta, renamed to Ildithia. The title of the book is named for a mysterious red star that appeared in the sky about a year before the Epics started getting their powers.

Why was Calamity removed?

According to a statement to IGN by Epic Games, this was unintentionally shipped to production and was never intended to be in-game. This is unintended, embarrassing, and it was careless for us to let this ship. We are working now to fix this as soon as possible.

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