Where can I listen to after for free?

This week, the audio book version of Anna Todd’s After has made it into the top 50 bestsellers in the Classics category. You can legally download or stream this audio book and listen for free at Spotify, Deezer, and in high quality at Audible.

Who narrates after series?

About this item
Listening Length16 hours and 49 minutes
AuthorAnna Todd
NarratorElizabeth Louise, Hero Fiennes Tiffin

Who narrates After we collided?

Shane East (Narrator of After We Collided)

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Is Hardin abusive in After?

On the surface, the story might seem like typical teenage antics, but Hardin’s behavior goes far beyond immature and verges into pure emotional abuse. Throughout the series, he is constantly second guessing Tessa’s motives, accusing her of cheating on him, and manipulating her into feeling sorry for him.

Who was supposed to play Tessa in After?

After is the first book Anna Todd has ever written and it got a publishing deal and sold it’s film rights to Paramount. Julia Goldani Telles was originally cast to play the role of Tessa Young.

Is Tessa infertile in After?

Tessa has a condition called, “cervical insufficiency”, meaning that her cervix is shorter than the average woman. Her condition made it difficult for her to get pregnant and carry a child to full-term, which caused her to have a miscarriage.

Did Tessa have an abortion in After?

Do Hardin and Tessa have a baby? Two years after graduating NYU, Hardin and Tessa fall pregnant after trying for quite some time and even sadly suffering a miscarriage. After welcoming a miracle baby girl they welcome a baby boy six years later – who would have thought Hardin would be a parent to two kids!?

Why was Landon replaced in After?

It was later announced that the characters of Kimberley, Christian Vance, Carol Young, Landon Gibson and Karen Scott were recast because the original actors not being able to travel to Bulgaria due to the COVID-19 pandemic or that they were already committed to other projects.

Does Hardin know Vance is his dad?

The plot twist then thickens when Hardin is encouraged to go for a drink with Vance to clear the air when he discovers that his mother and her secret lover have had a private relationship going on for a while – so much so, that he discovers Vance is actually his real father!

Why is Landon’s mom white in After?

The role was recast due to scheduling conflicts and Karimah Westbrook was cast in her place. However, in 2020, Karimah Westbrook herself had to be replaced by Frances Turner for the final two movies due to scheduling conflicts with her television series, All American where she has a starring role.

Is Landon in love with Tessa?

Landon’s cares for Tessa and her feelings, which gives him a unique perspective into her relationship with Hardin. Landon doesn’t hesitate to call Hardin out out on his behavior, even forcing Hardin to admit that he loves Tessa.

Who married Tessa?

After Jem becomes a Silent Brother, Tessa marries Will and has two children during their 60-year-marriage, Lucie and James, both of whom would go on to become the ancestors of the Blackthorn and the Herondale families.

Who did Landon marry in After?

Nora Gibson (nee Tahan, former Rahal), better known as Sophia Gibson, is a fictional character in the After novel series written by Anna Todd. She is the love interest and later wife of Landon Gibson.

How did Hardin betray Tessa?

The book ends with Tessa finding out a shocking betrayal from Harry — I mean Hardin. Hardin made a bet with his edgy friends to take Tessa’s virginity, which he succeeded in taking.

Does Tessa sleep with Zed?

They fight about it and, still drunk, Tessa suggests they have sex. They do, but in the morning, she’s less than happy about it.

Why is Hardin so toxic?

What made Hardin toxic from the start was the reveal that his relationship with Tessa was just a dare. Molly shows the video of him proposing to get Tessa to fall in love with him and then shutting off cold turkey. The fact of the matter is that Hardin was willing to hurt Tessa this way just because she rejected him.

Did Tessa cheat in After?

Hardin appears behind Tessa and Noah pieces together that Tessa cheated on him and hurries away to his car. Tessa begs with him to listen and hear her out, but he emotionally admits that he isn’t interested in her excuses. He is hurt by her betrayal and leaves the campus.

What did Molly do to Tessa?

In the beginning of After, we see Tessa and Hardin playing truth or dare with a group of peers, and their “friend” Molly (Inanna Sarkis) humiliates Tessa by making her reveal she is a virgin. Tessa is then dared to make out with Hardin, but already feeling embarrassed, she decides instead to leave the room.

Who is the girl Hardin took upstairs?

Series Information

Jamie is a character in After We Collided. She is portrayed by Ariel Jasmine Ryther. As a former conquest of Hardin’s, Jamie was part of Hardin’s early years at WCU, and one of the people whose forgiveness he hopes will help him be better for his girlfriend.

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