Where can I listen to Ahsoka audiobooks?

Stream Star Wars Ahsoka by E.K. Johnston, read by Ashley Eckstein by PRH Audio | Listen online for free on SoundCloud.

How long is the Ahsoka audiobook?

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Is Ahsoka Tano in any books?

The novel Ahsoka by E.K. Johnston, released in 2016, provides an exciting look into her life between Clone Wars and Rebels, but otherwise, fans are mostly left to more minor mentions and Clone Wars tie-ins. If you love Ahsoka, these books will bring you even exciting adventures and chapters in her storied saga!

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Who did Ahsoka fall in love with?

Lux Bonteri is Ahsoka Tano’s love interest in Star Wars: The Clone Wars.

Does Ahsoka have a canon death?

While her friends initially believed she died during her confrontation with her former master, the final few episodes of Rebels revealed that Ahsoka was alive and well. The last time fans saw her, she was beginning her search for Force user Ezra Bridger in the Rebels epilogue.

Who betrayed Ahsoka?

It was Barriss herself who orchestrated the bombing and framed Ahsoka. Anakin dueled Barriss on Coruscant, and eventually placed her under arrest. Brought before a military tribunal led by Governor Tarkin, she admitted her guilt, but held steadfast in her belief that the Jedi and Republic had lost their way.

Does Ahsoka know Luke is Anakin’s son?

That fact is later confirmed when the two have a conversation about Grogu’s training, during which Ahsoka acknowledges their shared connection to Anakin Skywalker, Luke’s father and Ahsoka’s former teacher.

Does Darth Vader recognize Ahsoka?

Darth Vader always knew his apprentice Ahsoka Tano survived Order 66 – and he even foresaw their fateful final duel on Malachor in Star Wars Rebels.

Do we know Ahsoka death?

Following the mission to Malachor, Tano became lost to the rubble and shadows of the Sith temple and was believed by many, including Jarrus and Bridger, to have perished during a duel with Darth Vader.

Is Ahsoka alive after rise of Skywalker?

Whatever may be in store for Ahsoka in the next few years, you can rest easy for now: neither Disney nor Lucasfilm have confirmed that the fan-favorite character is dead. Her cameo in The Rise of Skywalker seems to be nothing more than an easter egg, at least for the time being.

Is Ahsoka the reincarnation of the Daughter?

It is widely theorized that after the Daughter funneled her life essence into her, Ahsoka then became the new incarnation of that archetypal role: the personification of the Light Side of the Force, and the new Daughter.

How did Ahsoka come back to life?

The only reason Ahsoka didn’t perish during her fight with Vader was because a future version of Ezra pulls her through the World Between Worlds just as the former Jedi is about to deliver the killing blow. Also, her survival skills kicked into high gear. She knew how he fought as he had trained her.

Did Rex and Ahsoka have a relationship?

Ahsoka and Rex renewed their friendship after he joined the Rebellion, and often enjoyed friendly teasing. However, Rex also expressed concern for his friend, particularly when Ahsoka left to go to Malachor. Rex was deeply saddened when he learned of Ahsoka’s apparent death.

Why did Ahsoka switch to blue?

While the lightsabers were in the custody of the Jedi, Skywalker took care of them, taking the opportunity to, as he saw it, “improve” them. The blades changed color to blue as a result.

Why did Ahsoka quit being a Jedi?

Ahsoka’s fate and life as a Jedi took an unexpected turn when she was framed for the murderous bombing of the Jedi Temple. The evidence against her was strong and she fled, desperate to clear her name.

Could Ahsoka have saved Anakin?

When posed those questions, Eckstein said that Ahsoka would certainly have tried to save Anakin had she known the dark fate awaiting him. “Obviously, we see in Siege of Mandalore, Ahsoka wants to talk to Anakin,” she said. “But she kind of refuses to tell Obi-Wan and Master Yoda. That shows her trust level.

Who is Anakin’s father?

Shmi informs Qui-Gon that Anakin has no father, leading Qui-Gon to suggest that Anakin is a product of midi-chlorians (Force-imparting microorganisms). As the film progresses, Anakin leaves Tatooine to begin his Jedi training.

What is on Ahsoka’s head?

Ahsoka’s headdress is a mark of great prowess. The triangular pieces are akul teeth, gained as a trophy for single-handedly defeating one of the predatory animals on the Togruta homeworld.

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