Where can I listen to braiding Sweetgrass?

Braiding Sweetgrass: Indigenous Wisdom, Scientific Knowledge and the Teachings of Plants by Robin Wall Kimmerer – Audiobooks on Google Play.

Who reads braiding Sweetgrass audiobook?

Stream Robin Wall Kimmerer reading from BRAIDING SWEETGRASS by Milkweed Editions | Listen online for free on SoundCloud.

Is braiding sweetgrass available on Audible?

Braiding Sweetgrass by Robin Wall Kimmerer – Audiobook – Audible.com.

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What do the three braided strands of sweetgrass represent?

To the Anishinaabe First Nation (Woodland Indians), it is believed to be the sacred hair of O’gushnan, Mother Earth, and is often braided; the three sections representing mind, body, and soul. Some First Nations believe the three sections of the braid represent love, kindness and honesty.

What are the 4 sacred medicines?

There are four Sacred Medicines: Tobacco, cedar, sage, and sweetgrass. These are traditional medicines that have physical qualities for medicinal purposes, and a spiritual aspect used in traditional healing and ceremonies. Care and attention should be given when harvesting Sacred Medicines.

Why is it called Sweet grass?

Sweetgrass is known for its sweet scent. The vanilla-like fragrance is produced by an aromatic compound known as coumarin, which is even more evident when the leaves are dried.

What is the message of braiding Sweetgrass?

Braiding Sweetgrass explores reciprocal relationships between humans and the land, with a focus on the role of plants and botany in both Native American and Western traditions.

What did the Metis use sweetgrass for?

There are four sacred herbs and lead medicines that the Métis use—sweetgrass (fwayn seukrii, fwayn di bufflo), cedar (li sayd), sage (l’aarbr a saent) and tobacco (li tabaa). These herbs are used for cleansing, for sacred offerings and for prayer.

What did Native Americans use sweetgrass for?

Sweetgrass is one of the sacred plants traditionally used in Native American culture. Scholars report that it was also used as incense in ritual purifications. Natives have always known that its fragrance kept biting bugs away, and they often covered themselves and their homes in the plant.

What does a gift of sweetgrass mean?

Sweetgrass, also known as Holy Grass, Buffalo Grass, Vanilla Grass, and Zebrovka, is one of the four sacred plants, (including cedar, sage and tobacco) and is used as a tool for prayer and purification. Native people believe it is the hair of Mother Earth and is considered a gift from the Creator.

Why do natives braid sweetgrass?

Sweetgrass has been used for centuries by Indigenous cultures in both Canada and the United States for ceremonial purposes and is considered a sacred herb. The three cords of the sweetgrass braid represent mind, body and spirit.

Why do Native Americans burn sweet grass?

Burned to promote happiness, open heartedness and harmony, sweetgrass is a sacred plant like sage that has long been used in smudging ceremonies. Yet unlike sage, which is a shrub, sweetgrass is actually a type of grass. Traditionally, sage has been used to ward off evil spirits and cleanse a space, person or object.

Why do Native Americans braid sweetgrass?

People are attracted by the sight as much as by the scent of “wacanga” (Lakota) or sweetgrass braids. They are often used for smudging and their sweet smell is said to please ALL the spirits.

What kind of grass is used in sweetgrass braids?

Hierochloe odorata or Anthoxanthum nitens (commonly known as sweet grass, manna grass, Mary’s grass or vanilla grass, and as holy grass in the UK, bison grass e.g. by Polish vodka producers) is an aromatic herb native to northern Eurasia and North America.

Where can I find sweetgrass in the wild?

Where can I find it? Although Sweetgrass is typically associated with Prairie landscapes, it is a plant that can exist across North America and Northern Europe below the Arctic Circle. In North America it grows regionally from Labrador to Alaska and south to Ohio, Illinois, Iowa, Arizona, New Jersey and Washington.

Why do natives wear two braids?

For some, braids are a symbol of strength, wisdom, and are something that reflects their identity. Many of our readers stated the braid has a cultural significance, and many felt a connection to the creator, their ancestors and the earth.

Does the Bible say not to braid hair?

In short, as long as you’re not intending to draw attention to yourself in a way that puts others down, there is nothing whatsoever wrong with braiding your hair.

What is considered disrespectful in Native American culture?

Avoid sayings that diminish or disparage Native culture.

As mentioned above, don’t say things like “let’s have a pow wow,” “lowest person on the totem pole,” “too many chiefs, not enough Indians,” “Indian giver,” “circle the wagons,” etc. These phrases are disrespectful, and we still use them every day.

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