Where can I listen to Clanlands?

Stream CLANLANDS written and read by Sam Heughan and Graham McTavish – audiobook extract from Hodder Books | Listen online for free on SoundCloud.

Who narrates Clanman’s Almanac?

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Listening Length10 hours and 27 minutes
AuthorSam Heughan, Graham McTavish
NarratorSam Heughan, Graham McTavish

What is Sam Heughan’s clan?

He explained: “Most dear to me is my father’s kilt, which I received after he passed away whilst I was shooting Season One of Outlander in 2014. I haven’t worn it yet. “It’s MacDonald, as our family descends from the MacDonalds and comes with a plain but well-used brown leather sporran.

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What does Lord Broch Tuarach mean?

Named for an old broch on the land, Broch Tuarach means “north-facing tower” in Gaelic.

Does Lallybroch exist?

Is Lallybroch a real place? Yes, my friends, Lallybroch from the Outlander novels and series is REAL. The real Lallybroch can be found at Midhope Castle just 30 minutes drive outside of Edinburgh in South Queensferry.

What is the clan name in Outlander?

There are two major clans in the series: the MacKenzie Clan and the Fraser of Lovat Clan. The MacKenzie clan is a real clan in Scotland, and their ancestral home, Castle Leod, is widely considered to be Gabaldon’s inspiration for Castle Leoch, the home of the Clan Mackenzie.

Is Fraser’s Ridge based on a real place?

Fraser’s Ridge is a tract of land in western North Carolina located about 10 miles from Blowing Rock.

Was Fraser a real clan?

Proud, loyal and reliable in battle: Clan Fraser originated in the Scottish Lowlands, but soon grew to become one of the most formidable forces in the Scottish Highlands. With a long military history, Clan Fraser continues to capture imagination and appear in popular culture today.

How do you say Sam Heughan’s last name?

Is Jamie’s hair a wig?

Sadly, the long ginger curls of Jamie Fraser (played by Sam Heughan) are not real. Heughan wears mostly extensions and wigs to become Jamie Fraser in the series. Throughout the show’s six-year history, Jamie has been seen with his hair curled, plaited and even had a fringe in season four.

Why is Jamie called Mac Dubh?

In Gaelic, ‘Mac Dubh’ literally means ‘son of the Black’ – ‘Mac’ means son and ‘Dubh’ means black. He is given this name because his father Brian Fraser (Andrew Whipp) was known as ‘Black Brian’ due to the dark colour of his hair.

Why do they call him Mac Dubh?

(And for those wondering about the odd nickname, Mac Dubh is actually Gaelic and means “Son of the Black.” He’s given this title because his father was called “Black Brian.”) Suffice to say, fans will definitely be seeing a different side of Jamie throughout the beginning of the third season.

Why is Jamie’s ghost at Claire’s window?

Some think Jamie’s spirit (but not his body) traveled to through time to guide Claire to him; others suggest Jamie had a near-death experience after the Battle of Culloden, and that’s why his ghost is 25 when he appears to Frank.

What does Dinna fash mean in Outlander?

‘ Dinna fash don’t be troubled/bothered. Fash is from Old French fascher ‘to annoy, weary’. The term was also commonly extended to mean ‘afflicted’, and Robert Burns uses the term with such a meaning in Holy Willie’s Prayer: ‘At times I’m fash’d wi’ fleshly lust.

Why do they not translate the Gaelic in Outlander?

Gaelic words were left untranslated for a reason

This was so the audience is put in the perspective of Claire, the outlander, who does not understand the language.

What do the Scottish call their wife?

Scottish Word: Geggie.

What does Jamie say in Gaelic when he kills Dougal?

Forgive me. In Gaelic. “I’m so sorry, Uncle.”

What does Jamie say to Ian in Gaelic?

Ye dinna ken how worthy you are,” Jamie says, and embraces him.

What does Murtagh say to Jamie when he dies?

Jamie rushes over to his godfather and in his upset reminds him that he had released Murtagh from his promise to Jamie’s mother, meaning he shouldn’t have tried to protect him. Murtagh dies, saying, “I would never betray your mother no matter who asked.”

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