Where can I listen to I’m glad my mom died?

You can listen to I’m Glad My Mom Died for free on Audible right now, thanks to the site’s free trial offer. Get a 30-day free trial to Audible here, and use it to listen to McCurdy’s memoir on audiobook for free. Your free trial also gets you unlimited listening to other titles, Audible Originals and popular podcasts.

How old is Jennette McCurdy?

30 years (June 26, 1992)
Jennette McCurdy / Age

What did Jennette McCurdy reveal in her book?

Jennette McCurdy has shared which moment of her life was the hardest for her to write about in her recent memoir, I’m Glad My Mom Died. In the book, published last month, the former child actor wrote about the emotional and physical abuse she suffered at the hands of her mother Debra since she was a young girl.

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Does Jennette McCurdy have a baby?

I’m at a place where — so, I’m 30 — I don’t feel like I want kids. I have two nieces that I adore, and I’m really happy to be an aunt.” While McCurdy has no current plans to become a mother, she says the door is still “open” for a future with children of her own. “Right now, I don’t feel that I want [kids],” she says.

Is Jennette McCurdy older than Ariana Grande?

Did you know that Ariana Grande and Jennette McCurdy have the same birthday? The Sam & Cat stars are both born on June 26, although Jennette is 21 and a year older than 20 year-old Ariana.

Why did Sam and Cat get Cancelled?

It sounds like Sam & Cat came to an end for a combination of reasons — pay disputes, negative rumors swirling around the cast, and a tough relationship between the two co-stars. Details are still vague, unfortunately.

Is Jennette McCurdy a twin?

Jennette McCurdy does not have a twin sister. She plays the role of twins Melanie and Sam Puckett on the series Sam & Cat.

Did Jennette McCurdy enjoy Sam and Cat?

Jennette confessed that she “couldn’t like her” following the favouritism on set, admitting that: “Every time something exciting happens to her, I feel like she robbed me of having that experience myself.”

Do Jennette McCurdy and Miranda Cosgrove still talk?

Their careers have gone in separate ways, but they still keep in touch. McCurdy writes in her memoir, “With Miranda, it’s always been so easy. Our friendship is so pure.” Jennette recently stated that she cannot wait for her friend to read her memoir, and she thinks she will like it.

Do Jennette McCurdy and Miranda get along?

Jennette McCurdy reflects on friendship with ‘iCarly’ star Miranda Cosgrove. “My relationship with Miranda was hugely healing,” the former Nickelodeon star said. Her bestselling new memoir delves into her childhood with an abusive parent.

Why are Ariana and Jennette not friends?

But apart from her days working at “iCarly” with Miranda Crosgrove, she has also painstakingly detailed her working relationship with then fellow Nickelodeon star Ariana Grande. In the memoir, it seemed like Ariana Grande’s budding music career is the reason why the two’s friendship has fallen out.

Is Jennette McCurdy jealous of Ariana Grande?

In an excerpt of the book obtained by Entertainment Tonight, McCurdy admitted she grew “jealous” of Grande, who was “a burgeoning pop star” at the time of their show, which aired for one season of Nickelodeon from 2013-2014.

Why is Jennette McCurdy not friends with Ariana Grande?

Jennette McCurdy says her dislike for Ariana Grande began soon after they started filming their Nickelodeon show when she realized the pop star allegedly got permission to pursue outside opportunities.

Why is Jennette mad at Ariana Grande?

McCurdy writes that she grew to resent Grande once she “regularly” missed filming “to go sing at award shows, record new songs, and do press for her upcoming album” (via Entertainment Tonight). McCurdy, on the other hand, was left to “angrily hold down the fort.”

Who threatened leaving Sam and Cat?

The latest Tweet by Pop Crave states, ‘Jennette McCurdy says a producer told her that someone on ‘Sam & Cat’ threatened to quit the show if they let her direct an episode: “Very badly, they don’t want you to direct.

Are Miranda Cosgrove and Jennette McCurdy still best friends?

In real life, though, Jennette McCurdy and Miranda Cosgrove are still close, even if they’re no longer castmates. Ahead of the release of her memoir, “I’m Glad My Mom Died,” McCurdy reflected on her yearslong friendship with Cosgrove, with whom she starred on the Nickelodeon sitcom from 2007 to 2012.

Do Ariana Grande and Jennette get along?

While reflecting on her time at Nickelodeon, Jennette discussed how her friendship with the “Thank U, Next” singer helped her. “I would not have such an enjoyable life if these people weren’t in it,” she told Elite Daily.

Did Ariana Grande and Jennette McCurdy like each other?

In fact, McCurdy finally broke the silence about her relationship with his co-star on “Sam & Cat”, Ariana Grande, confirming that they never got along, especially, due to the preferences the company had towards her on set. In the book she even admits to have been “jealous” of Grande, saying “I didn’t like her.

Did Jennette McCurdy make more than Ariana Grande?

After less than a year on the air, drama behind the scenes affected the show’s future. In March 2014, the Lincoln Heights alum stayed away from the Kids’ Choice Awards amid reports that Grande was being paid more than her. Jennette explained her absence via Twitter.

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