Where is massive audio made?

Massive Audio is located in Los Angeles, California, United States .

How long has massive audio been around?

Since 1999 Massive Audio® has been an industry leader in high performance audio products. Massive Audio laid its roots in high quality audio reproduction through in-house engineering and a dedication to customer satisfaction.

Who owns Vincent Audio?

Founded in 1995 by Uwe Bartel, Vincent Audio is owned by Sintron Distribution GmbH. Vincent launched its LS-1 preamplifier and D-150 hybrid stereo power amplifier the year the company was founded.

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Who bought Niles Audio?

Niles is a subsidiary of Nice North America.

Nice and its partners have deployed more than 4 million connected systems and over 25 million security and home control sensors and peripherals.

Is B&K audio still in business?

B&K Components is back in business after six years of silence. A leading home-theater and multiroom audio provider in the 1990s, B&K closed shop in 2010, acquired shortly thereafter by Amplifier Technologies Inc. (ATI), Morris Kessler’s famed amplifier company.

Who bought Orion audio?

Orion Audio & Stereo

In 2001, Orion was acquired by Directed Electronics, which is also the largest North American designer of consumer vehicle security systems.

Is Cambridge Audio owned by richer sounds?

The purchaser of the business in 1994 was the newly-established Audio Partnership, which was formed by two entrepreneurial businessmen, Julian Richer and James Johnson-Flint, who were already enjoying significant success with home entertainment retailer Richer Sounds.

What company makes the best audio?

What are the top best speaker brands?
  1. JBL. JBL is a globally recognized manufacturer of audio equipment with an excellent reputation for producing high-quality speakers and headphones.
  2. Bose.
  3. Sony.
  4. Yamaha.
  5. Pioneer.
  6. Sennheiser.
  7. Klipsch.
  8. Polk Audio.

Is Cambridge Audio the same as Arcam?

Amplification & Recording Cambridge was founded back in 1976. Now known as Arcam, the company’s success was built on its first amplifier, the A60 (you can see our review from August 1981 on this page, though it was launched a few years earlier).

Is NAD better than Cambridge Audio?

I would charecterize the differences in the sound as the NAD is more powerful and controlled, with a much deeper soundstage. It has much better defined bass, as well.

Is NAD high end audio?

NAD ELECTRONICS. NAD is a high-fidelity electronics brand with a mission to remove barriers to good sound through an unwavering commitment to four values: simplicity, innovation, value, and performance.

Which amplifier brand is best?

Top 11 Best Power Amplifier Brands In The World 2022
  • NAD Electronics.
  • Anthem.
  • Cambridge Audio.
  • Rega Research.
  • Parasound.
  • Schiit.
  • Pass Labs.
  • Linear Tube Audio.

Is NAD a British company?

The company was founded in London, England, in 1972 by Dr. Martin L. Borish, an electrical engineer with a PhD in physics. Its most famous product is the late-1970s NAD 3020, an integrated amplifier designed by Bjørn Erik Edvardsen, which was highly regarded by various magazines in Britain.

Is NAD better than Marantz?

NAD is probably better for speakers that are harder to drive, they work well with 4 ohm speakers and are rated for 4 ohms, while marantz is typically rated for 8 ohm speakers.

Is Bluesound owned by NAD?

Today, Lenbrook International, a wholly-owned subsidiary of The Lenbrook Group, owns, designs and manufactures innovative technologies and products for discerning music lovers around the world through its three brands, NAD Electronics, PSB Speakers, and Bluesound wireless multi-room systems.

Are NAD amplifiers any good?

The NAD C 399 is by far the best integrated amplifier I’ve heard at this price point. With the BluOS module installed, it delivers nearly everything that the Masters M33 does for half the price. Some may complain that you need to add on $549 for the module but that’s still just $2,548.

Which is the best NAD amplifier?

The NAD C370 was our favourite amp for two years running, despite being “no looker” – but then it’s not alone in that department. Fending off competition from the likes of Marantz, Rega, Cyrus and Arcam, the C370 impressed us in all areas, from its sheer power to its ability to be controlled and delicate when needed.

Why is NAD 3020 so good?

Stereophile magazine called the NAD 3020 “ridiculously inexpensive”. It was the first integrated amplifier built with convincing ability to drive difficult loudspeaker loads, and a sound quality that far exceeded other integrated amplifiers at its price point for the time.

What is the best integrated amplifier in the world?

The Best Integrated Amplifiers
  • Technics SA-C600 ($999.99)
  • Lab12 Integre4 ($4,450 USD)
  • Linear Tube Audio Z10 Integrated ($4,900 USD)
  • Audio Hungary Qualiton A20i ($4,995 USD)
  • Naim SuperNAIT 3 ($5,699 USD)
  • Naim Uniti Nova ($5,990 USD)
  • Margules I-240 ($6,000 USD)
  • Audio Hungary Qualiton X-200 ($6,499 USD)

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