Who narrates we’ll always have summer?

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Listening Length6 hours and 3 minutes
AuthorJenny Han
NarratorLola Tung, Christopher Briney
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Who does Belly end up with?

The series ends with Belly marrying Conrad, and the couple starting a new life together. Jeremiah “Jere” Fisher: At the outset of the series, he is the “golden” boy, the one who appears to be untainted in the eyes of everyone. He is a good friend to Belly and a loving brother to Conrad.

Where can I listen to the Summer I Turned Pretty for free?

Stream The Summer I Turned Pretty Audiobook FREE 🎧 by Jenny Han [FREE] from Best Audiobooks 🎧 by The Book Guide® | Listen online for free on SoundCloud.

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Where can I listen to the audio of The Summer I Turned Pretty?

Amazon.com: The Summer I Turned Pretty (Audible Audio Edition): Jenny Han, Lola Tung, Recorded Books: Books.

Where can I listen to the audio book The Summer I Turned Pretty?

The Summer I Turned Pretty by Jenny Han – Audiobook – Audible.com.

Do you get Audible free with Amazon Prime?

No. An Audible Plus or Audible Premium Plus membership is separate from a Prime membership. If you haven’t been on an Audible Premium Plus membership before, you can sign up for a 30 Day Free Trial and receive 1 free credit (2 credits for Prime members), along with access to the Plus Catalog.

Is Audible free?

Download the free Audible app to start listening on your iOS or Android device. You can also listen on any Alexa-enabled device, compatible Fire tablets, Kindles, Sonos devices and more. You can cancel anytime before your trial ends and you won’t be charged. There are no commitments and no cancellation fees.

How old is Conrad in the summer I turned pretty?

Conrad is described in the books as being two years and a quarter older than Belly, which would make him 18-years-old. By the time readers get to the end of Han’s trilogy, Conrad is 26 in the epilogue of the third novel. However, in the show, he is 17-years-old and is going through an awkward adolescent phase.

Is Jeremiah in love with Belly?

Belly breaks up with Cam midway through season 1 after confessing that she’s in love with someone else and, at the end of the season, Jeremiah reveals that he’s in love with Belly.

Is Cousins beach a real place?

We’re sorry to say that, no, Cousins Beach is not a real place. There are some details in the series that suggest Cousins is located on Cape Cod in Massachusetts. For instance, in episode 3, Cleveland is a guest on “Good Morning, Massachusetts,” and at another point, Yarmouth, which is a town on the Cape, is mentioned.

Why is her name Belly in The Summer I Turned Pretty?

She got her nickname “Belly” from her father, who thought the name “Isabel” was too long of a name to casually say.

Does Jeremiah lose her virginity Belly?

The two did not have sex during their two year relationship. While Belly came close to believing she was ready to give her virginity to Jeremiah, even seriously considering consummating their relationship during a trip to the beach house one time, she ultimately decided against it.

Why is Conrad depressed?

Conrad’s moody behavior comes down to his mother’s cancer diagnosis and her struggles with treatment. He keeps the news deep inside and finds it hard to communicate his emotions to others.

When did Conrad fall in love with Belly?

It is only in The Summer I Turned Pretty that Conrad finally began returning her feelings after she “blossoms” into a beautiful young girl and he finally takes notice of her. By the end of the novel, the two enter into a relationship.

Does Jeremiah kiss Belly?

They shared a kiss in the pool. Belly’s friend Taylor also rooted for her and Jeremiah, believing he was the best choice for Belly, instead of the ever-moody Conrad. She even nicknamed the pair “Jelly”.

Why did Conrad not give Belly her necklace?

They talk about the Infinity necklace, with Belly admitting she found it in the drawer. Conrad admits he didn’t give it to her because he was feeling embarrassed and that Belly has “an effect on people.” With Jeremiah watching from afar, Conrad and Belly look like they’re about to kiss…

Are Belly and Conrad dating in real life?

Who is Conrad’s real-life sun? Isabel Machado. Christopher and the actress-singer began dating in 2021 after graduating Pace University together⁠. To mark their first “feelingsiversary” in May, Isabel shared a photo of the couple sharing a smooch by a lake, writing, “so glad we kiss now.”

What did Conrad text Belly?

Alone, Conrad messages Belly, telling her he did ask her to the Deb Ball because of his mum but also because he wanted to. As the text comes through, Nicole and the girls end up reading it before Belly, mistaking Belly’s phone for Nicole’s.

What present did Conrad get Belly?

Belly finds the necklace Conrad got her for her birthday. Belly puts the necklace back in Conrad’s drawer.

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