Why did Jimmy Change In A Retrieved Reformation?

In ‘A Retrieved Reformation,’ Jimmy changes his name to Mr. Ralph Spencer because he has fallen in love with Annabel Adams and in that moment ”forgot what he was and became another man. Jimmy takes up the new name as well as his own business and begins making a lawful life.

What is the moral of the story A Retrieved Reformation?

“A Retrieved Reformation” by O. Henry is a short story published in 1903 that illustrates that man is always able to earn redemption with the help of society.

Who is Agatha in a Retrieved Reformation?

The niece of Annabel Adams and granddaughter to Mr. Adams. Agatha is accidently locked in her grandfather’s safe, causing Ralph D. Spencer to break the lock, effectively revealing his identity as Jimmy Valentine.

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How did Jimmy save Agatha?

When Annabel asked Jimmy to try to rescue Agatha, Jimmy used his burglary tools and opened the safe in less than ten minutes. This is how Agatha was rescued.

Are Agatha and Sophie related?

Sophie and Agatha are twin sisters, and thus share the same age and birthday. Agatha’s finger glow was originally described as orange but in later books, this is changed to gold, the same shade as Tedros’ in later books since he is her true love. Her name means “Soul of Good”.

Why did Agatha and Sophie kiss?

Agatha kisses Sophie on the lips and tells her she loves her to seal their friendship and give their fairy tale a happy ending.

Who was Annabel Adams in A Retrieved Reformation?

The fiancée of Ralph D. Spencer, the false identity of career safecracker, Jimmy Valentine, and the daughter of Mr. Adams, the owner of The Elmore Bank. Jimmy first sees Annabel outside her father’s bank while he is casing potential safes, and he immediately falls in love with her and denounces his life of crime.

Why was Jimmy put into the jail?

Why was Jimmy Valentine in the prison? Ans: Jimmy Valentine got arrested in the prison because he was accused of burgling the bank at Springfield.

What happens at the end of A Retrieved Reformation?

Price walks away and leaves Valentine/Spencer to marry Annabel and enjoy his new life. With the plot explained, the title of the story begins to make sense. Valentine is reformed by his love for Annabel, and finally uses his skill to help someone instead of commit a crime.

How long was Jimmy’s sentence?

This comes when Jimmy is hearing from lawyers just how bad his sentence stands to be for all the various crimes he has committed – life plus 190 years. Betsy Brandt as Marie Schrader in Better Call Saul.

What is the ironic about the story of A Retrieved Reformation?

The look Jimmy shares with Annabel Adams the first time he sees her makes him forget his identity as a burglar. The fact that she is a banker’s daughter is an example of situational irony, as it puts Jimmy in close proximity to a safe he could easily rob if his safecracking compulsion were ever to return.

How did Jimmy Valentine get his pardon?

A guard came to the prison shoe-shop, where Jimmy Valentine was assiduously stitching uppers, and escorted him to the front office. There the warden handed Jimmy his pardon, which had been signed that morning by the governor.

Who did Jimmy Valentine Fall in love?

Jimmy has actually fled and he is currently in the small town of Elmore, Arkansas, with plans to rob the local bank there. However, he finds himself love-struck by the banker’s beautiful daughter, Annabel Adams, and begins to fall in love with her.

Why was Jimmy compared to a Phoenix?

In colloquial language, the phoenix has come to mean a person who has emerged renewed after an apparent disaster. By alluding to a phoenix, the narrator casts Jimmy’s change of identity in mythic and violent terms: he must heroically destroy his identity as Jimmy Valentine so that he may emerge as Ralph Spencer.

What advice did the warden give Jimmy?

As Jimmy is released from prison, the warden advises him to “brace up” and “make a man of himself,” claiming that Jimmy is “not a bad fellow at heart.” His advice to Jimmy implies that the ticket to the straight life is an honest profession, and through this O.

Why does the warden hit Mr sir?

When Stanley takes the blame for stealing Mr. Sir’s sunflower seeds, the Warden believes that bringing the matter to her is a waste of her time, so she hits and scratches Mr. Sir across the face with her rattlesnake venom-infused nail polish.

How did the warden punish Mr sir?

The Warden punished Mr. Sir for bringing Stanley to her office over sunflower seeds by striking him across his face and leaving three big long lines of venomous red nail polish down his cheek. Mr. Sir screamed, and rolled around in pain, his body filled with agony.

What did the warden say to do with Zero’s files?

The Warden tells Mr. Pendanski to erase all traces of Zero from the camp’s records, and to hack into the state files so no one in the Attorney General’s office will know that he was at the camp.

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